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Six colleges sign up with Napster

Written by Jari Ketola @ 19 Jul 2004 15:43 User comments (1)

Six colleges sign up with Napster Roxio's online music store Napster today announced that it has signed deals with six more colleges in the US. Penn State University and University of Rochester will be joined by Cornell University, George Washington University, Middlebury College in Vermont, University of Miami, University of Southern California and Wright State University (Ohio).
The Napster subscription allows students to play music online, but the tracks cannot be burned on CD for listening elsewhere.

The new deals prove that RIAA's lawsuits threats are effective. By suing thousands of individuals across the country, the Recording Industry Association of America has forced the universities to either face lawsuits or find legal means to provide music to their students.

Universities will probably soon end up signing similar deals with online movie providers, and who knows what. In the end it is always the students who end up paying for the services.

It is obvious that the legal online music stores are the way to go, but is threatening by lawsuits really the way to get people to use them?

Source: ZDNet

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119.7.2004 15:51

I don't think this is the true effect of the lawsuits, the people sued have the greatest effect upon themselves. I consider this in my mind that it is a byproduct of the RIAA lawsuits. Either way, it's sad to see that Universities now have to sign deals and their freedom has been cut, all just to have music. If this is what music artists really want, they are not true musicians. Musicians don't pay companies to protect their music so they can make more money, musicians play music because they love music, and not for the money. Today, too many musicians are just there for the money and attention.

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