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Global launch date set for iPod mini

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 07 Jul 2004 15:10 User comments (5)

Global launch date set for iPod mini Apple's highly popular digital audio player iPod mini will be launched outside the United States on 24th of July. The expected UK retail price for the device is 179 ($332, 268), but Apple has warned that it most likely can't meet the expected high demand until September which might tempt retailers to push the prices higher at least temporarily.
iPod mini is essentially a smaller and cheaper version of the original iPod, with smaller HDD storage space. iPod mini has 4GB storage space, while the top "big" iPod model has 40GB HDD in it. The device is compatible with songs purchased from Apple's iTunes music store that launched in the UK, Germany and France 15th of June.

The global launch of the iPod mini was delayed earlier this year because Hitachi, who makes the mini HDDs for the device, couldn't meet the high demand. The device has been a hit in the States and is expected to become one of the most popular digital appliances in other countries as well.

Source: BBC

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5 user comments

18.7.2004 13:09

still way overpriced if you ask me. I think the new sony minidisc HD format will overtake the market soon.

28.7.2004 15:43

and to correct this article, the ipod mini uses flash media I believe, not HDD like regular ipods

38.7.2004 15:45

oh neverming, I was wrong about that. they do use hdd

410.7.2004 17:31

Even more smaller huh? WTF is this for mini-me or somthing? Damnit my 30GB Creative Zen Xtra is good enough for me. :)

510.7.2004 23:28

yeah thats why i thought they were flash drives. they're not much cheaper than the normal ones anyways...whats the point???

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