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Sony plans to add videos to its Connect service

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Jul 2004 14:40 User comments (1)

Sony plans to add videos to its Connect service Sony plans to extend the reach of its recently launched Connect online music store service to digitally downloaded videos as well.
Sony has the luxury of owning one of the biggest movie studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, that also produces several TV shows. It is unclear however, whether Sony plans to launch a competitor to Movielink (in which Sony is one of the main partners), or does the company aim to focus the content to portable devices and short movie clips.

The move, which is expected "within next 12 months", is also seen as an attempt to gain some ground in online video distribution before Connect's main rival, iTunes, extends its reach to videos as well.

Source: Financial Times

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116.7.2004 22:22

Re: The Sony Connect Service... I stuffed my face with a couple of McBigMacMcBurgerMcPlatters to scrounge up a couple of free code numbers to see what all the hubbub was about, as they are having a free promotion here in Canada, and although I don't mean to be overly-critical, I was not overly-impressed. You have to use a recent-vintage Bill Gates media player, naturally, because the .wma files are protected, of course. Also, you have to download and install the clunky download/browsing software too, and register, and open an account. Of the two Van Halen tunes I downloaded, one was only 50% complete. HALF the song wouldn't download. Oh, the software *said* I had received the whole song, but it wasn't so. Couldn't play it back. And I couldn't request a re-download either. Makes me wonder how many *other* tunes would be aborted, if I were a regular member. Also, you must use the Windows Media Player's built-in burning engine (Roxio) to burn any of the tracks as regular, normal cds. Be warned: Maximum time you can burn-to-disc many of the tracks, is only three. (The burning engine works 'ok). Just for the hell of it, I then went to p2p KaZaa, and got the same 2 tracks as normal .mp3s. I'm not joking - they sounded better. So, would I be interested in their new video-download service? Noop. Have a nice day.

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