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PS3 utilizes Blu-Ray

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 05 Aug 2004 10:19 User comments (27)

PS3 utilizes Blu-Ray reports that Sony officials has confirmed that the Playstation 3 will feature a Blu-Ray disc drive, providing content developers with more than 20gb of storage. This is naturally very beneficial for Blu-Ray against the competing standard HD-DVD, as Playstations are products of very high volumes. PS3 alone will guarantee a potential content market of millions of Blu-Ray enabled players.
Single-layer Blu-Ray discs can store up to 27Gb on one layer of data, compared to 4.7Gb on DVDs, although the version of the standard favoured by Sony holds only 23Gb - still around five times larger than existing DVD discs. The Blu-Ray specification also allows for reading existing DVD discs, so the PS3 will almost certainly still be able to handle standard DVD movies and PS2 titles.

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27 user comments

15.8.2004 15:37

That's all very well but, I'm more excited about the games that will be on PS2 :D

25.8.2004 17:45

Ha! Good luck trying to copy these, I doubt that blue ray rippers will ever be cheap enough for the regular shmuck that hates to shell out 55 bucks a crack for games!

35.8.2004 21:42

Sounds pretty good. looking foward to the PS3.....

46.8.2004 3:47

I think a lot of people said the same thing about dvd discs and look at what you can do now. To say you wont be able to copy blu ray is a bit short sighted i say there will be a blu ray burner on the market within 18 months of its release the price might be steep at the start but so were vhs video recorders and cd recorders and dvd recorders when they came out do you think blu ray will be any different'i dont think so

56.8.2004 20:33

I dont see why the next gen consoles, have to change media very soon. The ps3 gonna use blu ray discs, who knows if Xbox 2(next) may use Hd-dvd's. I read that the next gen nintendo may use aod. So its pretty dumb to me that, they gonnna have hd-dvd and blu ray discs, competing against each other, when they can just join together and make one read/write drvie for hd-dvd and blu ray. I assume they will start out seperatley, like dvd-r and dvd+r did. Then they gonna joing sonner or later, just like everythign else does. Becuase I know for a fact that consumers, that want to back up there data, will not want to go on two different storage methonds, when they can just choose one.

66.8.2004 21:36

Blu-Ray burners are already available from Pioneer and Sony.

76.8.2004 22:05

the new PS3 sound very cool and and i think if everyone trys they can crack blue-ray protection. Anything is possiable.

87.8.2004 2:10

I agree with vans12, anything to do with copywright protection people crack.

97.8.2004 5:51

i think ps3 is going to blow xbox 2 away how bout you guys?

107.8.2004 6:16

Well i havent read anything about the Xbox 2, Playstation 3 will kick arse sonys are the better platform. GO PS3!!!!!

117.8.2004 17:28

Well, unlike some people I'm going to wait. Look what happened in this generation's console. Practically XBOX is the most powerful console out of all three, and it has the games I love most, with the exception of Devil May Cry <3 Dante!! This time round, I'm going to wait, until both consoles came out. P.S. If XBOX came out the same time as PS2 did, I'm 70% sure XBOX would've won the console sells by now.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1212.9.2004 13:43

if the xbox came out the same time as the ps2 it wouldn't be as good as it is, it would have weaker components. a lot can happen in technology in a year. xbox is only better cause it has the extra year of technology. if xbox2 & ps3 get realeased at the time : bye bye microsoft! xbox does not have a single game i like that's exclusive, all my favourite games are sony exclusive or available on all formats......and never forget the gta series which sony always gets first. but don't worry i love the breakaway controllers lead, brilliant idea, i don't know how many times my ps2 slides off tv cabiet cause i tripped over the controller lead. maybe ps3 will adopt that. later.

"say hello to my little friend"

1313.9.2004 3:50

i dont know halo is one of the best like 'new age' games... (i belive the best games of all time are, super mario 3 for nes, and super mario world for snes)

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1413.9.2004 4:38

no, the best new age game is gta vice city but will soon be san andreas, um getting one for the xbox ? nope. best game of all time vice city (until san andreas replaces it), yes mario games are classics but who ever said they are the best games of all time ? no chance. pacman & tetris are the best retro games of all time. personally i find halo a bit sh@t, the only difference, is it has the best graphics iv'e ever seen on a first person shooter, but that don't make it a good game.

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1513.9.2004 12:41

It's all a matter of opinions. And GTA: Vice City isn't the best game of the "new age". A lot of people would agree with me. I guess you're a casual gamer. P.S. It's a great game, but after you blow up the 100th car, it isn't that fun anymore. It takes a long time for some people to see the shallowness of the game, but once you do, it's garbage time!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1613.9.2004 14:01

toiletman you know your lying, show me a game more expansive than gta vice. and i'll buy it. that's gaming. i don't remember having lots of motors, clothes, guns, to choose from in halo ? what did i miss ?

"say hello to my little friend"

1715.9.2004 12:22

Lmao. I can name one game off the top of my head. Morrowind, and that's not even thinking about it.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1815.9.2004 14:05

yeah, i'm sure more people are going to agree with you! whats it called again? you call yourself toiletman, you do talk a lot of s**t but hey who gives a f**k!

"say hello to my little friend"

1916.9.2004 17:36

Apart from you, who DOESN'T agree with me? P.S. Oh and thankyou for flaming me when I was expressing my opinion. No seriously, I sincerely thankyou, since that's why I express my opinions in the first place!

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Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

2018.9.2004 6:15

i think scarface needs to just chill, you dont need to yell at us just because we have different opinions then you.... im with toiletman 100% yes i LOVED vice city but it seriously does get boring as hel1... NOW whos played driver 3. thats a cool game, its so much more realistic then gta........

matrix infiniy modded ps2 (broken, burnt out PS1 fuse)
xbox(freshly softmodded with krazies)xbmc dash. Stock HDD. did my ps2 mod, cheap n fast:)

2118.9.2004 7:43

driver 3 is just a rip off of vice city. i have to say burnout 3 is great fun.

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2218.9.2004 9:12

I thought Driver 3 was quite fun. Yes, it maybe a rip off, but hell, Driver was actually the first 3D kinda "go anywhere jack anything" game. So in theory, GTA3/GTA:VC ripped Driver off.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

2318.9.2004 11:35

o.k. i suppose, but you have to admit that driver 3 has nothing new to offer. can't wait to play the new star wars battlefront game, from trailers of the game it looks great.

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"say hello to my little friend"

2419.9.2004 7:34

I heard xbox 2 would use DVD-RAM?

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2519.9.2004 8:22

doubtful...dvd-ram is a consumer format, not really a big-time professional one.

2629.9.2004 6:12

does is also read dvd's (just movies) then with a little mod-chip you'll propably you'll be able to burn the games on just a plain dvd-/+ r(w) or does a blu-ray disc carry more then 4.7 Gig? if so just use a dual layer burner :-D

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2729.9.2004 7:38

well if ps3 adopt blu ray you know it will eventually replace dvd, but then we have to wait another 5-6 years for the star wars movies to get released on blu ray! a long wait for the dvd's, but it has paid off, all three original star wars movies look brand new, sound is top notch too and the minor alterations work for the better. 10/10 to lucas.

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