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Apple settles online music download case

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Aug 2004 14:46 User comments (5)

Apple settles online music download case E-Data announced today that Apple has settled a patent lawsuit E-Data had filed against Apple's iTunes Music Store service. E-Data's patent can be considered one of "those whacky ones", as it covers such "limited" process as "downloading and recording of information, such as music, onto a tangible object, such as CDs, DVDs and MP3 players."
E-Data's patent expired in the United States already in January, 2003 -- three months before Apple launched its online music service, but the patent is still valid in Europe and iTunes launched its service in Europe in June, 2004. Earlier this year, Microsoft settled with E-Data to avoid court case against its European music download services.

E-Data also announced that it has sued yet another 14 companies for violating its patent. Companies include The New York Times Company, Hallmark Cards and Ticketmaster.

The details of the settlement were not announced.

Source: MacObserver

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5 user comments

14.8.2004 14:57

I wonder if it's too late to patent "an aparatus shaped to minimize roll friction". There might still be some applications for that invention.

25.8.2004 0:43

Probably, as a "circular transportation facilitation device" has already been patented in Australia( scroll to the second page).

35.8.2004 8:10

That is unbelievable, this guy got a patent for a Standard Bicycle wheel and bearing?!!? So this guy is going to sue every bike maker and automobile manufacturer now eh? I can't believe that the patent office allowed this to be filed!

45.8.2004 14:21

This was a protest against the new regulation that allowed a new class of patents which were not checked. Companies in Australia complained about the cost of getting a patent and this was the government's idea to lower the cost of getting a patent: make a cheaper patent class and cut costs by not verifying them.

55.8.2004 17:06

lol what a champion, that kind of thing makes me proud to be australian =D

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