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Xbox 2 to debut at CES 2005?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 11 Aug 2004 11:03 User comments (11)

Xbox 2 to debut at CES 2005? Who will be the first to demo the next generation of console gaming? While Nintedo and Sony have confirmed to go live in the E3 expo 2003, Microsoft has not yet set the date. GameSpy raises speculations that M$ might be targeting to the CES 2005, in order to beat the competitors by several months. But currently it's all just speculation, with no comment from Microsoft itself.
Going back in time, it was Microsoft head honcho Bill Gates who unveiled the Xbox at the... CES 2001.
Last week it was revealed that Gates would be the keynote speaker at CES 2005, immediately prompting speculation that it would be deja vu all over again and that Gates might unveil the Xbox 2.

Microsoft is sticking to their typical stance of not responding to rumors and speculations, but on the other hand has not yet issued any sort of denial either.
Source: GameSpy

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11 user comments

111.8.2004 11:45

Why does everyone have to spell MS with a "$"?! Jesus Christ, without Microsoft you wouldn't have Windows XP. Anyway, the earlier the release the date for XB2, the bigger the chance to get more sales than PS3. If they have the same scenario as XB vs. PS2, then they'll lose out for sure. Microsoft just has to convert some of those diehard Sony fanboys. PS2 isn't that great without Devil May Cry :)

211.8.2004 13:10

I have no idea why people slate microsoft and put m$ etc etc Sony are by a long way bigger "rip off " merchants than MS, I mean microsoft cut the price of the xbox BEFORE sony, the xbox was (and still is) more expensive to build than the PS2, which incidently didnt see a price drop for EONS!! I dont think it matters which console is released first etc. Microsoft, whilst not as huge as sony in the console industry YET, have had success with XBOX, even moreso since the last price drops. (Even outselling PS2) A console could be released a year before another one, and still not be up to much without the games to go with it. Sega Saturn was released before Playstation, look what happened there!

312.8.2004 8:27

Playstation may have crushed Saturn, but then, no one hated Sony, and Playstation was almost a REVOLUTION in console gaming. While on the other hand, a LOT of people despise M$, and Sony had a huge fanbase already with the PS2. Also, XBOX maybe the most powerful of all the consoles, but it wasn't a revolution, just a "step up"

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

413.8.2004 2:25

Theres certainly no "maybe" regarding the xbox being the most powerful system, but it has to be added that although people seem to despise MS, they have created an innovation in gaming consoles that has been ignored by other companies until now, "built in" game storage, the hard drive for xbox and whatever they decide on for xbox 2. I think now the xbox is being pushed, we are seeing far more than just a step up, were finally seeing what has been longed for , for a long time, movie- like gaming. The PS / PS2 brought older gamers to games, MS brought older ADULTS to gaming! The xbox 2 will no doubt build on this I dont think its necc a good idea to rush out technology just to be first. Ill be prepared to wait for halo 3!

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513.8.2004 10:55

Sorry but sony is the smarter of the two.. with a budget thats silly compared to M$'s they have outsold them from the start. Sony killed of Sega and even dealt Nintendo a huge blow... M$ may still be in the game but its not ahead and even microsoft does get its new system out before sony does... sony still has a strong following, its not despised like M$ is.

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613.8.2004 11:47

Thankyou for stating the obvious, 2005. But you're wrong about Sony's budget vs Microsoft's budget. I doubt Microsoft will pour all of it's resources into one console, wouldn't you think? Both the budgets not as you "think" they are. And OF COURSE They've outsold them. Look at PS1, it has a huge fanbase. Most PS1 owners bought PS2s. Of course that would outsold them. And did you take account of the fact that PS2 was out a year BEFORE Xbox? You make that statement like you think XBOX was going to overpower PS2, in some cases, it has... (Pardon the pun)

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

713.8.2004 21:36

2005, in latter months youll find that the XBOX has been outselling PS2, and anyway,youre missing the point, it wasnt a thread really to argue who is best, (MS despised yup, but people still buy windows!) it was to ask whether MS are right in realeasing XBOX2 in 2005. btw, toiletman , you make some very valid points dude:-))

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814.8.2004 10:08

Well, I used to be a console gamer, and I've done my fair share of "keeping on the gaming news" Oh one more thing, the reason my PS2 has lasted me so long is that I never touch it nowdays XD

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

914.8.2004 11:12

I've got all the console systems and like each for their particular strengths. Mainly I like the exclusive games found on each. I've always owned the "major" consoles for the time and a PC as far back as the 16-bit days. However; after getting into Home Theater Surround Sound and High Definition Video, the X-Box is the clear winner for me in this current round. Sony's lack of in-game Dolby Digital Surround (and only a very few DTS Interactive titles) and hardware Progressive Scan was a big mistake. So much for Sony innovation - more like an inch up from the PS2.

1015.8.2004 11:20

Oh yes, one more thing.... I love GameCube games. Yes yes, you're probably going "What kind of MONSTER IS THIS?!! DIE TOILETMAN DIE!" I can't resist them, they're FULL of innovative and Japanese madness! Plus they're so addictive and fun! Take Pikmin for example, there's no other game like it.... and yet it's just "another RTS", but Miyamoto just put so many crazy things from his imagination into the game that it was refreshing and fun. Lots of fun.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1116.8.2004 12:18

I own both units, PS2 and Xbox...from a moddders point of view the Xbox is much better build than the PS2. The PS2 has gone through so many revisions and they still use the crappy disc mechanism/laser eye on their drive that causes all the problems whereas the XBOX is all built into the DVD unit itself. I am enjoying the Xbox more and look forward to the new revs.

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