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XP SP2 torrents banned by Microsoft

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 16 Aug 2004 12:02 User comments (10)

XP SP2 torrents banned by Microsoft The offered an alternative distribution method of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 package, utilizing the efficient BitTorrent P2P software. In distribution of large software packages, such as SP2, the advanced P2P technology could really be of help, but the M$ thought otherwise. The software giant aimed their legal guns at the distributor to shut it down.
Microsoft sent DMCA takedown notices to our two webhosts, one of which was just linking to a torrent file on another server. We've stood up to these kinds of legal threats before (see the Grey Tuesday protests), but we decided not to bother this time, because we started this site primarily as a demonstration and to that end it's already been a huge success. showed how filesharing technlogy gives people without budgets or huge servers the power to solve problems themselves, without waiting for the government or some corporation to do it for them. For another demonstration that's still in action, check out If you need Windows XP SP2, you can download it from Microsoft's inscrutable webpage.
One should be very careful installing the SP2 anyway and consider waiting for a while, as there are a lot of incompatibility issues reported after the initial launch. The incompatible titles include well known games and applications, and even MS originated developer tools.

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10 user comments

116.8.2004 14:48

To be honest, Microsoft probably did the right thing. Even though it might seem abusive, think of what could have happened if some torrent website distributed a virus-ridden version of the SP2 or something else. Even though the SP2 would have been acquired through third-party sources, the blame would have still fell on Microsoft shoulders if something had happened.

216.8.2004 15:38

Lol, why don't they just ban pirate copies of Windows XP. Gee that might stop people sharing it. I mean who would even bother to pay attention to this?

316.8.2004 15:39

I thought they distributed the MD5 sum for the file?

418.8.2004 7:51

SP2 sucks the big one, It breaks a lot of stuff we do ie. DVD movie backups, transcoding, manipulating A/V files. It broke down bigtime when I pointed it at a DivX AVI with an AC3 sound mux... (didn't mind AVIs with simple MP3 audio, though) The new XP SP2 firewall is a tyrant, too - it's out of control. ALL my clients with simple or residential setups are messed up by it (and, they are phoning me). "Thanks, Bill" Bastages, corksuckers & iceholes :-(

518.8.2004 8:17

I guess I'll be one of the waiters...

619.8.2004 9:08

Bah- Just wait until Windows Update gets it. The End-user file is probably more of a BETA test extension anyway. In the end, SP2 will not solve any problems. It's nothing more then a tire patch.

724.8.2004 4:59

i h8 sp2 it sucks big time. I cant share anymore with my ftp and my fileshre is screwed. Plus with its new 'security' it has completly SCrEwEd norton antivirus. Thankgoodnes for my emergency recovery disk which i praise god for. I hate you all

824.8.2004 5:37

Honestly what is the problem with SP2? i have it installed on all my pcs, with absolutely no problems whatsoever. My norton antivirus works fine as does all my dvd programs i rip, burn as per usual and my network works as it always has. Every computer i have installed it on has not had a single problem

Burn rubber that doesn't mean warp speed

924.8.2004 5:46

yeh doofy it works 4 u but i h8 it and it dont work 4 me

107.11.2005 21:19

This is totally ghey. I just installed SP2 and have been having major internet connection issues when I open a torrent. Now I know it's all Bill's doing. Guess I need to install the original XP isntead. God that takes a while.

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