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Japanese record industry raided

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 26 Aug 2004 8:06 User comments (5)

Japanese record industry raided The anti-monopoly agency of Japan has raided a number of major companies on Thursday. The companies are suspected of blocking other firms from offering ring tone services to cellular phone users. According to the source, around 300.000 songs are delivered to Japanese mobile phones daily. The irony of the incident naturally is that recently it has been the music industry (RIAA) raiding the consumers, but at the 'other side of the world' things really have gone the other way around.
Fair Trade Commission official Toshihiko Oizumi said investigators suspect more than 10 companies violated Japan's fair trade laws by preventing the Japanese mobile phone operators from offering the service.
Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, EMI-Toshiba Ltd., Avex Inc., Victor Entertainment Inc. and Label Mobile Inc. were among those raided, said Oizumi. He refused to disclose all the record companies' names.Source: Yahoo!News

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5 user comments

128.8.2004 7:41

I wish we could raid the RIAA...i'd piss on their desks...

228.8.2004 9:02

I would burn their offices. After you piss on their desks, of course.

328.8.2004 13:26

i like fire...wanna fire bomb their company cars?

428.8.2004 21:39

I would rather sell all the precious monitoring equpiment inside and then fire bomb the car =D

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

529.8.2004 0:24

You can not really blame the RIAA, That pay enormous amounts of money to so called artists, and they are in the business to please the shareholders, after all, Humans are a Greedy lot, so it all boils down to more wants more, so say a prayer to the great and only God, Bill Gates, Who has provided us all with a means to COPY. Does not something for Nowt bring out the best in us?

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