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BAFTA voters to get secure DVD players

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Aug 2004 12:38 User comments (4)

BAFTA voters to get secure DVD players The British Academy of Film and Television Arts will be supplying eligible voters with secure DVD players to prevent piracy. The academy have made a deal with Cinea, to distribute its SV300 DVD players. The SV300 can play encrypted discs using a security system called S-View. The system was developed to help movie and TV producers secure their content both at production and post-production stages. Only authorized persons can access the protected content.
Distributing protected DVDs to voters is a top priority of the entertainment industry now in their battle against Piracy. The MPAA tried to ban DVD Screeners last year as DVD copying has become very easy, and each year pirated DVD screeners emerged. "We are very pleased to be working with Cinea to give our members the opportunity to receive secure screeners. The British academy takes the threat of piracy very seriously, and we welcome any solution that can reduce the risk of unauthorized copying,"said the chairman of the academy's film committee, David Parfitt in a statement.

The Orange British Academy Film Awards will take place on February 12th.


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4 user comments

131.8.2004 13:49

*YAWN* Now we wait and see how long it takes someone to crack the encryption........

231.8.2004 23:55

In the worst case, all it'll take is one greedy voter to be persuaded into parting with their machine long enough for someone to work the guts of it out. And there goes another squillion dollars in wasted copy protection... When will these clowns learn?

31.9.2004 8:34

Oz has hit the nail on the head.

41.9.2004 8:47

so what about that analog hole? that output to the display device? Unless this DVD player includes a monitor or requires HDMI or DVI to output to a display device a simple cable is all that is needed. The flip side of that is, what about that handy cam he owns? Sure the quality is not as good but I'm sure they will just tape it if they can't capture it directly.

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