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Sanyo does HD-DVD

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 31 Aug 2004 10:50 User comments (1)

Sanyo does HD-DVD ...but doesn't rule out Blu-ray either. Sanyo is a major player in the consumer electronics market, but also a significant component supplier. Many high profile brands have relied on Sanyo based technology, such as Plextor and TDK to mention just a few from the CD-R age.
The HD-DVD format is promoted by an alliance lead by NEC and Toshiba, while Matsushita and Sony are the key players of the Blu-ray camp. But Sanyo is not picking sides -- it's more of a supply and demand question than anything else.
While Sanyo will use HD-DVD in its completed products, the major Japanese maker of key parts for use in DVD equipment such as optical pickups and blue lasers also said it would supply parts to both the HD-DVD group and the Blu-ray group if there is demand.

"We will take a different approach in the components business," a Sanyo spokesman said.

Sanyo said it decided to endorse HD DVD for its DVD hardware products because that format seems more user-friendly as far as DVD software is concerned, he said.
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131.8.2004 19:42

which format holds more data...hd-dvd or blu-ray? and are the hd-dvds compatible with regular dvd players??

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