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Shareconnector under fire from Dutch anti-piracy foundation

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Aug 2004 7:20 User comments (3)

Shareconnector under fire from Dutch anti-piracy foundation Dutch anti-piracy foundation, Brein, has sent an injunction to demanding that they stop offering eD2K links within 5 days. Managing director of Stichting Brein, Tim Kuik, confirmed that the creators of the site have received the injunction and that they had already had contact with them. If shareconnector do not remove the eD2K links, then the site owners may be sued. Shareconnector however seem determined to stand their ground in this quote from Adi, the founder of shareconnector.
"First off all the news is real. Secondly chill down and relax because ShareConnector is not going to be shut down by anyone. BREIN is a pathetic private organization that tries to scare ed2k sites away. Not us!

At the moment there isn't much to say and on Monday we will hear more from our lawyer. I will make an announcement when we know more."

Hosting Company Mindlab also received an injunction and a spokesman is quoted as saying "We contacted our lawyer and will decide on Monday what to do".

It is still unclear whether eD2K links actually break any copyright laws. These links are not direct links to content, but are references to files on the donkey network. Basically, they are just a quick link to files you could simply find by searching using one of the many donkey network clients.


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3 user comments

131.8.2004 8:17

So... they're trying to pull ShareConnector down? No. Fucking. Way. There's no way they're going to do this unless they raid, which is what they did with ShareReactor. Hell, even if ShareConnector went down, what makes you think there won't be a help file named "In.Memory.Of.ShareConnector", and around 10 other sites that spring up with even MORE frequent updates and even rare ed2k links!

217.12.2004 8:54

humm... I cant seem to acess the site for the pass couple of days now. I guess they took the money donated my the users and ran?

317.12.2004 11:14

This is ages ago.

I guess they took the money donated my the users and ran?
Don't talk shit about something you don't know. No offence meant.
Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

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