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iFree removes DRM restrictions

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 01 Sep 2004 10:55 User comments (4)

iFree removes DRM restrictions Once again it's copy protections and protectors vs. the hackers. We have seen this so many times before during the last couple of decades. And always the crackers seem to render the protection schemes useless.
Now meet the iFree software, which tackles the DRM (Digital Rights Management) used by Apple in the iTunes service.
What's iFree?

iFree allows you to free your music, that means the DRM protection will be removed from music files purchased at iTunes Music Store with no sound quality loss.

Why use iFree?

Songs you purchase from iTunes Music Store are protected using your authorization information. Apple is using AAC files that include digital rights management (DRM) technology and any copy of iTunes (or any other appropriately QuickTime 6.2.2-savvy software) must know your authorization information to play the song. This DRM information enables Apple to implement many restrictions on how you can use songs you download.
Check out iFreesoft for further details and download.

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4 user comments

122.9.2004 18:54

If anyone knows where to get this let everyone know. The site is gone gone gone

326.6.2008 22:40

spam removed

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45.2.2011 12:20

need the ifree software

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