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Key2Audio with Controlled Burning

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 08 Sep 2004 10:58 User comments (1)

Key2Audio with Controlled Burning Sony is trying yet another approach in audio CD content protection. The Key2AudioXS features a new feature branded as Controlled Burning. The idea is to allow the consumer to make a limited number of copies, which is determined by the copyright owner. The press release doesn't reveal how this actually works, but it's most likely just a burning software placed on the data session with limitations built in. For some reason they call this approach 'user friendly'.>
key2audioXS provides more consumer-friendliness with Controlled Burning feature
This Fall Sony DADC will introduce Controlled Burning to its audio customers. This Digital Rights Management solution gives content-owners the freedom of allowing their end-consumers a limited amount of private copies. Controlled Burning offers a profitable compromise by granting consumers private copies whilst protecting the rights of content-owners. Controlled Burning is a sophisticated technology which allows content-owners to pre-determine how many copies off of every original may be made. Only the original disc can function as a master. The copies themselves are equipped with key2audioXS copy control, rendering copy attempts unsuccessful. Controlled burning is a secure way for record labels to allow consumers make a limited number of copies of their music while preventing uncontrolled duplication. Today a unprotected CD can be copied unlimited times and so can its copies, significantly threatening revenues of the music industry. A protected disc on the other hand stops any kind of copying and may limit a consumer's options. With Sony DADC's Controlled Burning solution content-owners and their customers are given new opportunities in using the purchased music. Music labels still ensure the protection of their content whilst customers needn't surrender their back-up copies.Source:

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18.9.2004 12:10

Aha! This is what we call a partial solution to making backups of your albums, while defeating piracy! (A bit, since it still allows you to burn some copies) However, I hope the number is in the doubles, or at least a high single number, since if it's around 3, there's a possible chance I could break the two of my backups. As with all copy protections, it will most probably be cracked.

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