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Panasonic unveil DVD Recorders with 400GB HDD Capacity

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Sep 2004 19:22 User comments (3)

Panasonic unveil DVD Recorders with 400GB HDD Capacity Today, Panasonic revealed the new models of DIGA DVD recorders. These recorders have HDD capacities of 160GB to 400GB. This is massive storage space for DVD Recorder; it also has high-speed dubbing, and superb home and mobile networking capabilities. The new products, DMR-E500H, DMR-E330H, DMR-E220H, DMR-250V and DMR-E87H are set to be introduced to the Japanese market on the 21st of this month. The DMR-E500H model has a built in 400GB HDD which will allow 709 hours recording in EP mode. It will write from hard disc to DVD-RAM at 40x and from hard disc to DVD-R at speeds of up to 64x at EP mode. This means that one a one hour recording could be made in approximately 56 minutes.
It features an Ethernet port and a broadband receiver offering convenience for home and mobile networking. With the Ethernet connection MPEG4 video and JPEG photos can be viewed by a PC*1 in another room. Also using two DMR-E500Hs, MPEG-2 recordings on one could be accessed by the other over the LAN. The broadband receiver will allow owners to program recordings using cell phones while they are away from home and can also transfer pictures between the recorder and the cell phone.

With the use of an SD Memory Card, you can transfer digital pictures to the Recorder from other devices such a digital camera. You can then store the data on the HDD or you can burn it to a disc. It can record MPEG4 image data simultaneously while recording MPEG2 data onto the hard disk.


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3 user comments

19.9.2004 1:03

400 gig!!!! thats so much storage. gotta get me one of them!

29.9.2004 8:02

Wow, that sounds way nice.

310.9.2004 10:57

I have one with 40 gig's, 400 i cant imagine i would never have to delete

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