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Schwarzenegger deals serious blow to California file-sharers

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Sep 2004 20:26 User comments (18)

Schwarzenegger deals serious blow to California file-sharers Governor or California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has dealt a serious blow to file sharers in California by signing an Internet piracy bill that would require all P2P users disseminating movies or music on the Internet to disclose their e-mail address. This is also a serious blow to the anonymity that the privacy rights of most P2P users should guarantee. It would seem that Schwarzenegger is just helping his buddies at the MPAA who have helped him to get to where he is today. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union say the measure infringes on privacy rights of computer users and would turn casual file-sharers into criminals.
P2P users who share movies and music online without providing a valid email address would be guilty of a misdemeanor, under the first-in-the-nation measure that could make it easier for law enforcement to track down people who illegally download copyrighted material. This bill is the latest attempt by the movies and music industries to battle P2P networks, which have proven already to be hard to police. The MPAA has hailed the signing commenting that Schwarzenegger has "a unique understanding of the powerful impact of piracy".


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18 user comments

122.9.2004 20:42

It looks like Yahoo will now have even more phony e-mail addresses than they have now :) lol

222.9.2004 21:56

where can i find out on how to vote againts this shit. Where can i find this kind of info, tis crap is getting out of hand already.

323.9.2004 4:22

Ever heard of A good site to set up a junk e-mail address.

423.9.2004 4:56

Let's see he was a Ex-Movie Star, Where do you think his loalty were.

523.9.2004 13:32

I'm stuck between Terminator and File Sharing! I never even thought it would happen! 8| HELP! This is ARHHNOLD! I <3 Arnold... On a more formal note, he would be Pro-MPAA for a while, maybe to pay off some "debts"

623.9.2004 15:58

The Governator strikes...

723.9.2004 18:58

Fuck him and his little bitch ass!!! Bastards are all the same, I'll recall his bastard ass!!! Where do I vote?

824.9.2004 2:53

He is doing a good job.

924.9.2004 15:29

We're gonna be forced to set up more private file sharing networks and make use of the exception for sharing files among family and friends who trust one another.

1029.9.2004 23:32

did i tell ya how bad is terminator 3? this movie just suck. it is probably the worst schwarze-negger movie ever made.

1130.9.2004 13:03

Terminator 3 was great. Terminator 2 was just one of the best movies of all time, and IMO, it's the greatest action movie ever made... you can't expect T3 to top that.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1230.9.2004 21:25

Terminator 3 did suck large type D*ck, and Terminator 2 would have been the best action movie of all time if not for that knuckle head punk edward furlong. Bar-none, the worst actor of all time. Sadly, arnold is becoming more and more a puppet of the system, (big business, and their lobbyists). Amazing how power can corrupt.

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131.10.2004 2:52

What if we go to his house to 'terminate' him, we can be 'predators' and he can then be 'the running man', hahahaah..or not.

141.10.2004 16:48

lo......Nice one indienemo.....

1525.10.2004 7:25

mpaa has turned him into a "Girly man" :P

1626.10.2004 6:46

Sorry to hear what Arnies done, but you cant expect anything else from a son of a nazi.I cant belive why americans vote for folks like him, to be honest the guys as thick as a brick, okay he was a good movie actor but also egotistical in his approach which doesnt really bare the credentials of a good politician nor a good leader. America needs to vote these people out of office before they drag your country down to a level where you will feel oppressed. One day he may be your president mind you he couldnt do much more damage than Mr Bush Jnr, now between the two of them im sure we could find at least one brain cell. Anyway thats drifting somewhat away from the subject a little, yes email address, the truth behind everything where the net is concerned it has become a tool for the corporations to give you shopping at home so you can spend even more of your hard earned cash, sad but true in a few years no shops just shopping online and yes you will pay your isp the monthly charge for the privelage of lining the pockets of the where can you go to argue your case..can always go to a politician...can always rely on them to look after your civil rights.

1727.11.2004 16:50

Wow! Warforoil, I am trying to figure out what you are more slanted toward, conspiracy theories, or liberalism. Maybe if we play our cards right, we can sue those companies for lulling us into spending our money online, and making us go broke. You know, like suing Mcdonalds for making us fat, and tobbaco company's for giving us cancer. I think people should start taking responsibility, and stop blaming the MAN. Now we've really strayed from the point.

If your fish seems sick, put it back in the water.

1819.1.2005 9:23

yea, the email address thing can be faked so easily. So, its not a good way of tracking people. BUT, I agree that people need to buy / go to / rent some movies to keep the movies in business. I no qualms myself with downloading movies since I do rent netflix and see 4 movies a month in the theatre.

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