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Piracy business booming in Fiji

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Sep 2004 19:55

Piracy business booming in Fiji According to Fiji Performing Rights Association Limited, sales of pirated music and movies are booming in Fiji. The group believes that protective legislation is dormant. Chairman Eremasi Tamanisau commented on the pirates saying that owners of these illegal operations displayed an "arrogant and contemptuous attitude" towards the country's copyright laws. He believes that the country's Copyright Act (1999) is viewed by these pirates as a "mere sterile piece of legislation with no teeth" so they treat it with blatant disregard for its worth and respect.
He went on to say that some businesses in Suva proudly state that they can reproduce multiple copies of originals that are given to them. "Talk about thieves openly advertising their profession and ability to steal on demand" he said. Tamanisau also criticized the Fiji Police Force saying that they were virtually useless at ensuring that the copyright laws of the state are respected and enforced. "Given this backdrop, the Fiji Performing Right Association (FPRA) and our members throughout Fiji (and copyright owners world-wide whose rights FPRA administers in Fiji), are greatly encouraged by the Prime Minister's warning that "the Government will tighten up on the protection of intellectual property rights in the country" he said.

Fiji Times Online

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