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Green Day's latest CD is a blank

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 30 Sep 2004 8:07 User comments (13)

The first ever artist or band to sell empty discs? The punky pop band Green Day has taken a different approach in dealing with music downloading - legal or illegal. The Green Day CD-R 5-pack contains five discs with original album cover art printed on the top sides.
A 5-pack of custom printed blank recordable CD-Rs featuring the color artwork of Green Day. A coordinated color slimline case is included with each CD-R. The five CD-Rs feature classic artwork from Green Day albums Dookie, Nimrod, Warning and the new album American idiot, as well as a rare photo of the band.
Burn responsibly. Download music legally and burn your own Green Day compilations.The idea to sell artist branded CD-Rs is great, but the discs are a bit expensive at the price of $7.99 for a 5-pack.


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13 user comments

130.9.2004 09:15

Seeing how I can get a 100 pack of DVD-Rs for 25 bucks....I think I'll pass on the 5 pack of cd-rs sorry greenday. Give me a sharpie to label my cd.

230.9.2004 12:42

but, its green day! (God how I hate that band, and 99% of the rest of the music this country produces.) I think we should be attacked based strictly on our music and the police state it has caused. Its becoming hard to stay patriotic, very hard. I will no longer defend this country in forums.

330.9.2004 12:51

I don't think Green Day is bad, but I don't absolutely love it, unlike Pantera, either. Anyway, I think this IS a great idea, as Green Day fans or "I want to be in the hip the hop and erm... yeah" people will snap this offer up very quickly.

430.9.2004 18:35

yes, cuz' people, as a general rule, are stupid until prover otherwise. How many do you think will walk past the shelf with 100 pk's of cd-r's for under 10 dollars, and grab a five pack for 2 dollars less? ooh, I forgot, the (blank) cd-r's have green day on them. Where can i get some? green day SUCKS. Please don't give these american a-holes anymore of your money except for underground metal, the last vestige of true musicianship in my (yes, my) country. This entire idea is comparable to the old marijauna tax stamps idea we had in the midwest here in the last decade, its just another way for the watchdogs to monitor piracy, please don't buy these, they will get you out of zero charges if you get caught downloading green day crap. Take that 7.99 and send it directly to Iron Maiden, they deserve it more.

51.10.2004 01:32

lol, if it was a band that was doing it not just to make money i may consider ;), but greenday are that kinda band that have a fan base so no need to expand really, but hell, doesnt stop us jumping on the political band wagon to shift records...

61.10.2004 04:29

How stupid! $7.99! Thats ridiculous. I can get 5 disks for about $30 each, and then just go to the cdcovers website and get the artwork. print it out onto them special disk covers (which I have loads of) and stick it on. ppl, it is a good idea, but the price is insane!

71.10.2004 14:22

Treat it as a collector's item. Oh and Thor999, no need to bash.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

81.10.2004 20:17

It is actually a good idea. Just hope you dont get a bad burn than your CD is crap! But for people with half a brain, a printer and some CD labels you can make all the disc covers you want!

92.10.2004 00:11

c'mon trashman its green day for christ's sake. They are by far one of the biggest rip-off bands in u.s. history. Take a stand, the advent of true musicianship depends on you and I my brother. Forgive me for the bashing but this Mtv crap really really make ME MAD!!! You're just upset cuz you went and bought 5 green day cd-r's for 7.99 when you coulda gotten crack and a hooker instead. (Yes, here in the u.s., 7.99 gets you crack and a hooker.)

102.10.2004 14:51

Everyone has their own opinion. And right now, frankly, your opinion is stupid.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

113.10.2004 01:29

If given the wrong impression, it could almost sound like Green Day are supporting p2p.

124.10.2004 08:08

Any of you morons ever stop to think that a lot of fans would truly dig this kind of crap? Any of you idiots think that maybe a small chunk of Green Day's cash would be freakin' swell? I'm a fan of Maiden as well but you can only listen to The Number of the Beast so many times before it gets old. Oh yea, they are OLD! I enjoy any type of music. If you can make some money off of your talents, I respect the crap out of you. If you don't like the freakin' CD idea, don't freakin' buy them. Leave that to the freakin' teeny bopper chicks! Mom and Dad will surely get em some if they're really good and do their chores!

1310.10.2004 10:31

Jesus, people... Where is your sense of humour? Green Day all the way~! ^____^

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