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60GB iPod coming soon

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Oct 2004 0:38 User comments (3)

60GB iPod coming soon A new iPod will feature not only a Toshiba 60GB HDD, but the capability to store digital photos. It will also have audio/video out capabilities. The product is currently only in production in Asia. Toshiba began shipping their new drives to Apple in September and iPod manufacturer Inventec has already begun building the new iPod. It is expected to look much the same as the current 4G iPods, only about 2mm thicker and slightly heavier. The 2 inch LCD screen will have a much higher resolution for quality photo viewing.
The video out feature means anybody would be able to connect their iPod to a TV and view all their pictures on a big screen instead of the iPods small LCD screen. The iPod will not be capable of editing any photos, nor will it have any built-in flash memory stick slots to download digital photos from digital cameras. Apple will market the new iPod as being capable of storing 20,000 music tracks and 25,000 photos and album artwork will be shown on screen to owners when they are playing music with the device.

The new iPod will become available within the next few months and is expected to cost around $499.

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3 user comments

19.10.2004 7:00

Instead of increasing the HD size each year (no lay music fan has SIXTY gb's of music... that is completely unnecessary for your average MP3 collector), Apple should focus on revamping other aspects of the iPod. Obviously, with 60gb, it is not intended for the average consumer to upload only MP3's. But storing photos on the iPod would depend on one thing: what's the quality of the LCD screen??? If it's subpar, then there is absolutely no reason to buy the "5 Gen" iPod.

29.10.2004 11:12

Heck if we can get photos and stuff, I want DIVX movies to be able to played. Make the IPod with regular screen sizes, slap some DIVX movies on there and you're rolling nicely. It'd b like a portable mini dvd player.

311.10.2004 7:24

Want an MP3 player that also displays JPG photos, AND plays MP4 video files. Look no further! The ZVUE player from handheld entertainment will do it for you. No, I'm not advertising for handheld. I just think they have a really cool product. It doesn't have 4Gig of storage though. It uses SD flash cards for memory, so memory size depends on how much you're willing to shell out for an SD card. Handheld entertainment originally offered this about a year ago, but it would only play video in their proprietary format. They never got any decent video offerings, and so came out with a software update to allow you to play your own MP4 files. A good example of a company responding to the market, and giving them what they really want - in this case an inexpensive ($149) hand held video player.

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