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AfterDawn interviews ShareReactor owner

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Oct 2004 14:40 User comments (2)

AfterDawn interviews ShareReactor owner We have added an interview with owner Simon Moon (Christian Riesen) to the articles (also guides) section. For those not familiar with ShareReactor, it was an eD2K (eDonkey / eMule) link site that was closed down by Swiss authorities several months ago on suspicion of Copyright and Trademark infringements. Since then, Simon has opened another site called RespectP2P to keep ShareReactor users up to date about the investigations and to provide a forum to discuss P2P related issues.
The interview was conducted as a conversation and not as a questionnaire so it should be fully read by users, instead of picking and choosing questions. It covers four main areas which are general questions about ShareReactor, questions about P2P legal situations, questions about the on-going investigations and some extra questions for Simon himself. Simon provided some very detailed answers and didn’t even complain about the length of the interview which went on for more than four hours in total. For example...

Q. Dela: And what was taken on the day? Have you had anything returned since?

Simon Moon: Taken was a whole lot; two ShareReactor servers, my private machine and my girlfriend's private machine, my folder with all bank files, although i gave them a copy of all my bank activities of the last 4 years already. Also all my backups went with them. At the end SR was down and i had none of my data left, personal and otherwise. I got SOME (very little) data back about 2 weeks after this started, just VERY essential data like contacts and such things. Then it took a while, where i also got my account unfrozen that was locked the same day the raid happened. About 3 months alter i got my bank files back, as i needed them for filing income tax and about 6 months after this started, they returned some more data and the computer of my girlfriend. They still have ALL backups, the two servers and my machine.

We encourage users to visit RespectP2P. You can also donate money through the site, which will go straight to Simons Lawyer.

Thanks a lot to Christian Riesen for the interview.

See the full interview at:

Note: The interview currently online may change within the next couple of days. The questions will not be altered, but extra stuff may be added to the article from myself or Simon Moon

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2 user comments

111.10.2004 7:43

Thanks for conducting the interview Dela!

211.10.2004 8:32

Yeah man I agree,sharereactor is well know for P2P users that use the donkey servers.The guide that is mentioned will this be describing issues on solving problems with the p2p program also.Anyways it is a good idea Dela,definately appreciated.

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