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UK DrinkOrDie members in court

Written by Jari Ketola @ 20 Oct 2004 13:19 User comments (5)

UK DrinkOrDie members in court Two UK members of the DrinkOrDie piracy group have denied charges of conspiracy to defraud. DrinkOrDie was one of the groups that were busted in the major anti-piracy raid in 2001. Steven Dowd, 39, and Alex Bell, 29, are both alleged to be part of DoD.
Prosecutor Bruce Houlder said that both men were a part of international conspiracy that involved cracking protection expensive software which allowed the products to be made available for download on the Internet."They do not do what they do for money. They do it for street wise credibility. They may see themselves as latter-day Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but in reality it is a cover for fraud. Computers are their universe. They live and breathe a world of computer software," Houlder said.

Last month Australian officials decided that an Australian member of DoD will be extradited to the United States to be tried there. The man, Hew Raymond Griffiths is accused of being the ring leader of DoD.

Source: BBC News

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5 user comments

120.10.2004 13:29

Poor DrinkorDie, i don't see anything wrong with there actions, after all, another group will just replace them (I think it is all because the goverment has too much $ from taxe$ and needs something to WASTE it on.)

220.10.2004 21:59

Shame on the Aussie government for handing thier citizens to the US. Aussies need to speak up for this guy. I would be outraged.

321.10.2004 6:59

i thought the government having too much $ from taxes was one of the reason for the war? jst kidding. this is a shambles tho. i'd be so disgusted if my coutrys officials sadid 'yeah, your gunna be sent to another coutry to be tried.'

422.10.2004 8:15

free holiday? :p

525.10.2004 13:23

It is sad whenthe entertainment industry bribes other governments. What putting someone in prison for cracking software an another country? The US use to never go for anything like this. It is a preview of what is to come next.

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