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Source code selling hackers appear again

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Nov 2004 9:07 User comments (4)

Source code selling hackers appear again A group of hackers have appeared online once again, selling source code to some of the worlds most used and expensive software. According to messages posted in online discussion groups, the group is offering the code for Cisco Systems' PIX firewall software for $24,000. While this seems like a very high price, a lot of intelligence agencies and Government agencies may be interested to purchase it just to find out exactly what it does. The group advertised its return by sending messages to online security discussion groups.
The group first surfaced in July claiming it was selling "corporate Intel(ligence)" to its customers. The club offered the Enterasys Dragon IDS 6.1 source code for $16,000 and the code for file sharing software from Napster, now part of Roxio, for $10,000. However the operation was shut down citing a "redesign" of its "business model." Now that the group is back they raised the price on the Enterasys and Napster code, to $19,200 and $12,000 respectively.

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4 user comments

13.11.2004 11:17

While they may get a lot more offers, in my opinion they're stupid to announce selling Source Code in public.

24.11.2004 7:08

well not exactly, think about it, scene release groups are basically releasing publically all the time and rarely one is busted, and even if it is, the group usually survives anyways! So using the same methods to sell source code is possible, id just like to know what kinda payment they accept :-)

34.11.2004 11:37

What I meant is that their way of "releasing" their Source Code is questionable. Not that I'm against it =D Release groups are very "secretive", in a special way, if you get what I mean. These hackers just announce they're going to sell their Source Code on public FORUMS are they're willing to accept payment, to which they probably specificed a Paypal or Address.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

45.11.2004 11:19

I love that when u hover over "source code" it a link to ebay

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