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Movie Industry to sue file sharers?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Nov 2004 17:57 User comments (8)

Movie Industry to sue file sharers? According to, the Movie Industry is preparing to file copyright infringement lawsuits against file sharers it accuses of distributing movies online over P2P networks with the first of the lawsuits coming as early as tomorrow. The movie studios plan an ongoing litigation campaign as an attempt to deter people from sharing movies online. The Motion Picture Association of America, which represents the major film studios, declined to make any comments on Wednesday but the organization have said its chief executive would be making a major announcement regarding illegal file sharing of motion pictures on P2P networks early Thursday.
The first wave of suits would probably involve about 200 P2P users. The Movie Industry has attempted to deter filesharing using anti-piracy advertisements and other methods but P2P use seems to be only growing worldwide. They may be particularly after CAM and Telesync copies of movies, which are movies recorded in theatres that can come up on the net even before the official theatre dates. Along with the Recording Industry, the Movie Industry has attempted to shut down organizations responsible for developing P2P networks with no success. The respect the movie industry had among file sharers will probably fade away as soon as 1 lawsuit is filed, as it did with the recording industry as millions of people swear never to buy music CD's again.


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8 user comments

14.11.2004 5:07

Well it worked so well for the music industry, so why not? I remember the day Kazaa announced they would cease operation and the day the E-Donkey network went silent only days after the RIAA started filing thier lawsuits. It's amazing when muisc file trading traffic goes from the millions down to 0 in a matter of days. Yea, who would have ever thought the music industry cound stop ALL music file trading in just a matter of days. Well now that the MPAA is inviolved, it looks like all file trading will cease to exist. ...and then I woke up in a cold sweat.

24.11.2004 7:40

So does this mean no more sharing/downloading adult movies?

34.11.2004 16:33


44.11.2004 20:21

If they are suing people in the US how long do you think it will be before they start suing people here in Canada? It will take longer but it will happen eventually.

55.11.2004 3:37

canada certainly has been nastier and more draconian than the the US on satellite access issues. Different countries push on different fronts but it is hard to say ano one is better or worse than anotehr on digital rights issues

65.11.2004 16:00

I think the only way to shutdown file sharing is to shutdown the internet, they will sue each everyone who is downloading, they shut one software another rises! so its never going to end!

76.11.2004 5:09

yah, it is in US newspapers. here is what it say. ------ hoolywood studios said thursday they file hundreds of lawsuits later this month against individuals who swap pirated copies of movies over the internet.<...> but dan glickman, the new head of the motion picture association of america, said the lawsuits were necessary now, before high speed internet access makes downloading pirated copies of movies easier. "this was not an easy decision, but it must be done now, before illegal online file sharing of movies spins out of control," glickman said thursday. <...> the lawsuits would seek civil penalties of as much as $30,000 per download and as much as $150,000 if the infringement is proven to be willful.<...> --------------- here you go, mpaa decided to make some cash too. RIAA is making cash already, now mpaa decided to make around 150 grand for a movie+ court expences( well for rich company every file sharer will be proven to do stuff willfuly). just f great. i am proud of the way this country goes... guess what - next step will be in Europe... and mpaa arguments are just f great- before high speed internet... no man, we all livin in stone age- internet speed is slower than dialup.... I mean come on, do you believe that the real argument is what mpaa say??? WE HAVE TO STOP IT NOW GUYS, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! UNLESS YOU ALL WANT TO GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS.

86.11.2004 5:16

i give up on this matter. no more online downloading. will rent dvds and copy them. and kiss my ass if they can accuse me with something (hey, if that will be next what mpaa will go after, i won't be surprised, because they need some sach anyway). mpaa is prowen to be wrong and accuse people of downloading stuff just because one or another file has similar file name to one of their protected movies. and i just wondered why mpaa was writing so many letters with warnings- hey they were preparing...

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