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DVB group approves MPEG-4 video codec

Written by Jari Ketola @ 04 Nov 2004 16:06 User comments (1)

DVB group approves MPEG-4 video codec The DVB Steering Board has approved the addition of two new codecs to be used for broadcast Transport Stream. The codecs accepted are the H.264/AVC video codec (MPEG-4 Part 10) and the High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) audio codec.
The new document mandates support of Main Profile for H.264/AVC SDTV receivers, with an option for the use of High Profile. The support of High Profile is mandated for H.264/AVC HDTV receivers.

Peter MacAvock, DVBs Executive Director said: "This document is one of the most important DVB documents, and a key to ensuring the interoperability of DVB equipment and transmissions. It is the basis of all MPEG-2 DVB decoders in the market. The addition of H.264/AVC and HE-AAC paves the way for using these exciting codecs in mainstream DVB applications like HDTV."

The earlier DVB specification included MPEG-2 video, MPEG-1 Layer II audio, Dolby AC-3 audio and DTS audio.

Source: Press Release

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15.11.2004 4:21

I have a poser.... What happens to those devices, HDTV decoders and such that do not have this new codec? They are stating this is for the Transport stream which indicates OTA broadcasts. Is this another way to force migration to broadcast flag compliant devices? Same question applies to those HDTV tuner cards for our PC's? Makes me 'bout you?

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