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Napster and Blockbuster team up

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 23 Nov 2004 9:40 User comments (3)

Napster and Blockbuster team up Just in time for Christmas Napster and online DVD rental company Blockbuster are now offering a different type of Xmas card. The 'Digital Duo' gift card is sold for 20 bucks, offering a membership for both of these services. According to the source, the regular price of these would be $27,44. Blockbuster has been busy partnering recently, as they have inked deals with AOL and MSN.
Card holders get unlimited access to Napster's music library and two free track downloads from that service, as well as a month of free movie rentals from Blockbuster's DVD-by-mail offering.
... "Blockbuster Online has the instant brand recognition and massive catalog that make it the natural partner for Napster, and we're excited to be introducing the Digital Duo card together," said Larry Linietsky, Napster's senior VP of business development. "We expect this to be an extremely popular gift item during the holidays at RadioShack."Source:

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3 user comments

123.11.2004 12:18

it seems like Blockbuster is going everything they can do keep their head above whatever. If they signed deals with Napster, AOL, and MSN, then they really must be hurtin'. I use netflix, which from what I hear is WAY better than Blockbuster's online service.

223.11.2004 15:24 kicks ass

324.11.2004 9:27

Yeah... I use Netflixs to and it take one day for my movies to come (that awsome), but thanks to the competition, Netflixs lower their prices... sirmugen

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