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Kazaa 3.0 includes Skype

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Nov 2004 9:16 User comments (23)

Kazaa 3.0 includes Skype Kazaa, which is one of the most used P2P software applications in the world has announced that its newest version, v3.0, will come bundled with Skype. Skype was developed by the same people who are responsible for Kazaa, Nikolas Zennström and Janus Friis. Skype allows its users to make free Internet VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone calls worldwide, using a P2P-like system. Sharman Networks CEO Nikki Hemming said, "The inclusion of Skype is a natural extension of the Kazaa product and of peer-to-peer. As pioneers in the P2P field, Sharman Networks believes the integration of Skype – considered the best product in the market for Internet phone calls – will deliver powerful consumer benefits.”.
Besides adding Skype, Kazaa 3.0, has also improved it’s searching, allowing users to get up to 3,000 results per search. Kazaa however, is losing support from the P2P community and is constantly under attack from file poisoners and anti-P2P organizations. Earlier this year, the eDonkey2000 network replaced Kazaa's Fasttrack network as the worlds most used P2P network.

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23 user comments

123.11.2004 10:01

Not to be negative, but I stopped using Kazaa a long time ago, and I won't start using it again. The FastTrack network is too FULL of bullshit viruses and anti-P2P songs.

223.11.2004 12:19

IRC is way better. Kazaa is a waste of time

323.11.2004 12:31

I actually still use KaZaA, only on rare occations, as with Protowall (With Anti-P2P portranges blocked) and MP3Shield running, you get perfect songs almost all the time. But, for whole albums, use IRC and or (both excellent IRC search engines) :)

423.11.2004 14:28

if u use plain kazaa....please....kill your self u f*cking moron

523.11.2004 15:53

Wow. Harsh, but holds some truth. :)

623.11.2004 16:52

i only use BitTorrent and eDonkey. never tried IRC, dont really understand how to use it. wish i did though, edonkey is so slow

723.11.2004 18:04

Please don't use KaZaa it is horrible for your PC. People who use the Fast-Track network use KaZaa lite K++ 2.4.3 or a varient of this wonderfully hacked version of KaZaa that includes great programs and no adware / spyware! Sadly, it isn't being developed or distributed anymore :(

823.11.2004 18:29

But you can still find older versions of k-lite++ if you do a search. One can be found in the g4/tech tv archives.

923.11.2004 20:04

@everyone who flamed my "I still use Kazaa" I actually use CleanKMD, a hacked version of the new KaZaA.

1024.11.2004 4:13

To find KaZaa lite K++ 2.4.3 just look for it in another Kazaa lite older version of Kazaa-lite also try over the IRC you may find it there too and finally e-mule and e-donkey sucks they're just a pice of bullshit plus they say kazaa is full of viruses well excpect the same or worse about those progmas P2p king forever will always be kazaa-lite Maria =)

1124.11.2004 5:51

E-mule and programs like it are designed to download large files not mp3s and pics and stuff. With that said, it does seem that E-mule is a little lopsided when it comes to uploading and downloading (more uploading than downloading, it makes you wait?). No matter what version of kazaa is being used, I hope everyone knows about the RIAA and what they are doing to P2P users that use the Fast-Track network (Crap files, court cases, ect.). There are a couple of new P2P networks in-development that will stop the RIAA dead in there tracks but they need the P2P communities support. ----------------------------------------------------- Mute: ANts: Another cool link by Ced: Keep Share'N!

1224.11.2004 6:23
1324.11.2004 8:10

is k-lite still using the sig2dat protocol? if it is, then no way am i using it

1424.11.2004 10:01

if you wanna get a whole album with no bs- irc is the way to go, but if your looking for rare stuff, or singles K+++ is the ultimate program for individual files.

1525.11.2004 3:58

if u use plain kazaa....please....kill your self u f*cking moron
Getting your opinion across is fine, but you could at least try to sound like a civilized person when doing so.
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164.12.2004 4:26

I find WinMX to be by-far the best program for downloading singles.

174.12.2004 6:38

If I remember correctly, KaZaA and WinMX share the same network...

184.12.2004 10:21

never tried WinMX, but heard good things about it. Is it free of spyware and adware?

194.12.2004 17:46

NO they don't use the same network or the same protocols. WinMX page: WinMX home page: Ced

204.12.2004 20:17

just downloaded and installed WinMX. Finished setting up the ports, ran the app for the first time, and it locks up when I go into settings, two times in a row. What gives? Its the new 3.53 version. Kazaa sucks, but I don't ever remember it locking up on me....

214.12.2004 21:28

Thanks for correcting me, WinMX uses the OpenNap Network. NOT Fasttrack

221.6.2005 14:50

My sister uses something called SoulSeek, and it looks fine for her... I like to use ED2k or DC++. If i really can't find what i'm looking for, i use KLR (Kazaa Lite Resurrection). I've tried Bittorrent, but my connection is too slow to really appreciate it.

231.6.2005 14:53

yep i use soulseek for music too very quick and a hell of alot of songs on there, no viruses just music

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