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Samsung slashes OEM DVD-R prices

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Jan 2005 9:59 User comments (11)

Samsung slashes OEM DVD-R prices Aggressive price competition in the OEM market. Lite-On IT and BenQ are facing the heat as Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) announced a price cut of 30%. TSST also has some productional edge over the main competitors.
...Samsung recently lowering retail prices of its 16x DVD burners by 30% to US$69 in the US and European markets, according to the optical disc drive (ODD) makers.
TSST has the competitive advantage of self-produced pick-up heads (PUHs) and chipsets and the design capability to minimize the production costs of DVD burners, the ODD makers indicated. Lite-On IT and BenQ do not yet possess the same level of ability to minimize costs, and are therefore unable to compete on the same level, the ODD makers pointed out.
To cope with this threat, both Lite-On IT and BenQ will speed up the development of new models, the two companies said.
Source: Digitimes

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11 user comments

114.1.2005 10:20

Faster and cheaper Drives, thing are looking good for consumers:)

214.1.2005 10:20

Dose any one know when we might see some price drop on any of the units out now? Thanks

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Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

314.1.2005 16:40

DVD burner prices going down...good. DL DVD burner prices going down...good. DL DVD media still $10 apiece...BAD. not that this article has to do with DL, i'm just stating that media prices should come down next, as there are already cheap burners available.

415.1.2005 1:43

The first two cd burners i ever bought(2002)were samsung and both of them failed with burnt out lasers after 4 or 5 months(different models) so no way i am going to buy their dvd burners.

515.1.2005 15:05

Yeah and my first burner was a traxdata cdr which cost me 200. And its still works now, but seriously the technology thats involved in making DVD-/+R/RW is not prone to failure and if it breaks down in the first year you get it swapped or replaced so its no big deal. On my NEC1300a i have burnt approx 400 discs and had about 10 coasters.

615.1.2005 20:49

with the entry of blue laser technology, current dual layer burners will soon lower its price. blue laser technology was shown during CES in vegas. anybody that went there have additional inputs. :)

715.1.2005 20:53

i also remembered that blue laser burners are backwards compatible with current dvd burners. :)

816.1.2005 2:39

I think its time for me to go to bed again for two years and wake up when they sort out what format they are going to promote most -single layer (- and +) -dual layer -blu-ray -HD-DVD Quite frankly, im not sure if the dual layer discs will ever get off the ground, possibly they will be superceded by the newer formats before they begin to reduce them from the current crazy price of about $ 8 a disc.If you can buy 25 single layer for about $ 10, who on earth wants to buy one dual layer for $ 8 ? I fail to see the advantage in that.

916.1.2005 7:03

It seems that every manufacturer is scrambling to determine their direction and in the interim, they are putting us on the back burner ie the ones who have been using their products since the dvd revoution began. I'm of the opinion that they should concentrate on finding ways to make our current hd/sf structure compatible with this new direction and not make us obsolete. They need to stop thinking quick profits and think how they can keep and reward the faithful usuers or we will find a better alternative...we always have and will

1016.1.2005 19:25

Give it 6 months and Dual layer discs will be $4 and they'll be $2.00 in 2006. Blu-ray will have the gaming industry and HD-DVD media will be backwords replaced wil dual layer again because nobodies paying that much for movies and blank media.

1117.1.2005 0:57

Finally decent technology at a decent price, I sold my dvd rw drive last year and am deeply regretting it this year! ;)

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