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Apple and Pepsi to launch a new iTunes promo

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Jan 2005 13:27 User comments (10)

Apple and Pepsi to launch a new iTunes promo Apple and Pepsi have agreed to launch a new iTunes promo in the United States, following the similar deal the companies made back in 2003. The previous promotion was launched at the beginning of year 2004, but its results weren't exactly impressive.
Now it seems that Pepsi has decided to give the iTunes a one more shot, specially now since iPod has truly made its way to become the best-selling digital audio player in the world. The deal also doubles the number of promotional tracks Pepsi will hand out from the last year's 100 million to this year's 200 million. Every third Pepsi bottle will have a winning lid that contains a code for one free iTunes track.

The promotion will run from 31st of January until 30th of April and will be available only in the U.S.

Source: TechNewsWorld

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10 user comments

119.1.2005 13:48

As said in the article, the first one was a failure and the second will be too :)

219.1.2005 18:35

if only 5 million were redeemed last time, why double the amount this time? anyways, I guess its time to start drinking more Dr. Pepper...

319.1.2005 19:38

I don't even drink soda anymore, its bad for ya ;)

420.1.2005 2:45

Too much Pepsi rots the teeth, and too many promotional iTooons rot the ears. (I bet Steve Jobs doesn't even drink Pepsi). A winning combination! Go, Apple, GO!

521.1.2005 16:21

Pepsi sucks ass :) it's way too sweet. Coke is nice and strong and tastes like a cola should, not some sugary flat crap. I would not buy at most 3 pepsi's to get one song that normally cost you a buck. BTW...what pepsi bottles are we talking about 2L, 16oz, or 32oz bottles? Still, it's more cost effective to just buy a song for $1. This is only good for people who drink pepsi on a normal basis and like music. If you are one of those have bad taste(buds) :p

621.1.2005 20:15

Mmm, Apple Pepsi.

721.1.2005 23:52

Pepsi ... it's way too sweet."
Hmmmm... I find the opposite to be true, MXGzX. It depends on how cold the pop is. When ice-cold, I can't tell the difference between the two. (Especially when mixed with rum.) As it gets warmer though, I find Coke becomes almost sickly-sweet (with or without rum) compared to Pepsi. Of course, if you have enough rum on hand, either will do. :-)
Mmm, Apple Pepsi.
Sounds cool ! Or cherry pepsi, or banana pepsi, or ... Be careful biting too deeply into the Apple though (you know what happend to Adam in the Garden of Eden - [he was warned] .... you might bite into a nasty DRM-Worm ! I can see some poor kid running back-and-forth to the store, buying up 6 or 8 bottles of Pepsi (at $1.69 each) and still not get his "free" iTune. By the time he actually does find one, he'll have _more_ than paid for it! Fascinating Moral Of The Story: Buy the 2-Liter size bottles of Pepsi (cheep) at your local grocery store, drink lots of rum, and go visit Kazaa. A win-win situation !
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822.1.2005 17:19

[QUOTE] And go visit KaZaA

uhhh, KaZaA is full of viruses and shit music that is corrupted. Use Ares or FileCroc (both connect to the same network, I use FileCroc because Ares won't work on my PC) but, the newest FileCroc ( has Spyware, use instead.

922.1.2005 18:01

Yeah, I would never use Kazaa again. What network do Ares and FileCroc use?

105.6.2007 2:32


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