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Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 25 Jan 2005 9:24 User comments (7)

Search engine giant proceeds to new frontiers, and has released their video search service for public beta testing. Currently, at the preview stage, Google Video doesn't offer video content yet, but screenshots and Tv-program information instead. However, it is presumable that delivery of video content will be added in the future.
The effort comes on top of Google's plans to create a multimedia search engine for Internet-only video that it will likely introduce next year, according to sources familiar with the company's plans. In recent weeks, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google has demonstrated new technology to a handful of major TV broadcasters in an attempt to forge alliances and develop business models for a TV-searchable database on the Web, those sources say.

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7 user comments

125.1.2005 10:53

lmao it's definatly beta I searched for "fear factor couples" and one of the screenshots showed KFC's "Chicken Capital USA"

225.1.2005 13:02

This will be a substitute for next gen IRC. I rip Harold and Kumar on to my computer in the AVI format. I name it H+K. On message board someone asks for a search name to find Harold and Kumar. I tell them, they watch it. Brilliant

326.1.2005 4:02

You guys think it's worth it to buy stock in Google? They sure are doing a lot of new stuff, but do you think it's all too sudden?

426.1.2005 7:21

Google is taking HUGE strides to becoming the leader in searh engines. Personally, I use to use and never used Google. If I would have know that it was that great of a search engine, I would have bought stock along time ago and be living in the bahamas somewhere. Can't help feeling sorry for the ones who didn't want to invest in Google when it was trying to start up, bet they feel real good about themselves. Currently, Google is buying up almost Every single company it can get it's hands on, well at least the ones that they. In a recent article I read they bought a photo software company I think it was called Pinux or something like that. They were selling the software for around $30 or so but when Google bought them, they gave the photo software away for free! With that said, the article, which was written from PC World, stated that Google is definately going to be on to something BIG because it is buying up all these software companies. So, with that said, when I come into some money, I am definately going to buy some stock....and when I am in the bahamas, I will let you all know! :) So, for Google...all I have to say is keep up the good work and the video beta testing, will definately replace anything else that is out there....when it is done.

526.1.2005 18:09

Google's stock hasnt grown rapidly or anything. It may grow a few shares when this stuff comes out, but since it came out 4 months ago it hasnt grown very much.

627.1.2005 1:48

Very true, ag22 There is like no huge gain with them....yet. I used to purchase stock in various companies and from time to time, you win some you lose some. So, I am won't be surprised, if they have a big gain, because they are obviously up to something....but what, knowone knows....spooky :) But yeah, I feel you on that comment, because they might just be steady in their business. Anyways, this is totally off the subject. I haven't had a chance to check out the video feeds, but eventually I will. Speaking of which, has anyone tried the Google Desktop Search? See you all later.....

728.1.2005 0:05

google already is the king of search, and it found "true lies" -no quotes- first result

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