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Next generation consoles are coming

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Jan 2005 21:12 User comments (32)

Next generation consoles are coming The next generation of gaming consoles are coming very soon and gamers all over the world are wondering what to expect from these new machines. Details are very slim with no major companies wanting to give away their secrets. Within the next eighteen months, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are expected to release new gaming consoles. Sony are offering the Playstation 3 (PS3), Microsoft are offering the XBOX 2 and Nintendo are offering a so-called Revolution console. "We know maybe what the PS3 will do, but we can only guess," said Rory Armes, studio general manager for video game giant Electronic Arts in Europe. "It's a horrendous effort in the first year," he admitted.
Mr Armes said that Microsoft has already delivered development kits to EA but they are still awaiting kits from Nintendo and Sony. He said although details are scarce, EA are getting a sense of what these new machines are capable of. "The rumours are that PlayStation 3 will have a little more under the hood [than Xbox 2]," he said. "Microsoft is obviously a software company first and foremost, while Sony has more experience in hardware. I think Sony will be able to push more into a box at cost." All the new consoles are expected to make major improvements on processing and graphical power and are also expected to expand from simple gaming consoles to little entertainment systems as well. Bill Gates hinted as this prospect at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He painted a picture of a machine that would complement a PC and offer "great video gaming but video gaming for a broader set of people, more communications, more media, more connectivity".

Sony also has similar plans whereas Nintendo seem to prefer a machine solely for gaming purposes. Gary Dunn, development director at Codemasters, said that he believed that the introduction to real-world physics is a major part of the new consoles. "The environments will be much more believable and dramatic, growing and changing as you play. There will be a breadth of effects, more involving worlds to play in. It's a bit like being an artist and being given a bigger canvas and a smaller brush. We're being given more tools. For the average consumer, we can get things of a more filmic quality." he said.

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32 user comments

125.1.2005 22:08

Can't wait 'till these come out, I plan on buying both PS3 and XBOX 2. I do hope they'll have plans for a Flight Force Joystick for the XBOX 2, I thought it was weird that they didn't have one for the XBOX, then again, Crimson Skies is like the only jet game out there for XBOX that I know of. Ace Combat 4 and 5 are 2 of the best jet games that I've played for the PS2; I still have yet to play Air Force Delta Strike and Lethal Skies 1 and 2. I just wish the PlayStation 3 would come out sooner though, I think the PlayStation 2 is way better than the XBOX. There were only a few games that caught my interest (Besides the Halo games) for the XBOX. And as far as graphics go, I don't really go for graphics, I look for good game play and a good storyline.

225.1.2005 22:17

Hmm, I had sort of the opposite opinion. I didn't think there were very many games for the PS2 that weren't for the Xbox as well, but to each his own. I usually end up buying each of the gaming systems because of specific games and types of games for them. Nintendo's GameCube has made me not want any more Nintendo products. I will definitely get a PS3, and I am still not sure I even want one of these new Xboxes. If I get an Xbox2, then in order to backup games, I will have to get an HD-DVD burner. I am in full support of Blu-Ray and do not want to give to the HD-DVD club. So, I am still undecided, but I will definitely get a PS3 when they are available.

325.1.2005 23:24

It's my prophecy that Nintendo will shine once again. In the last two rounds they have let out stinkers and I believe that they are going to surprise us all. Most of you are going to be doubters but you just watch, I bet they took a large metaphorical 2X4 and slapped the crap out of their management and marketing departments. Believe me... when they say this product is going to be revolutionary, it will be. The question will be if people buy it or not. My thought is that it will be a sleeper though, people wont buy it at first, but it will be the secondary system for everyone. Nintendo is probably planning for this. And if they don't bring something innovative to the table I will send my into to management and intro to marketing books to them. Just please please please.... dont give us another virtual boy. Ludikhris

426.1.2005 3:21

If you think that, then go buy a DS and play it for the next year whilst not looking away..apparently that was revolutionary....*cough*. NIntendo are secondary to the market. I look at it as they're gunna be a company that's always there puttin gout these 'childrens' gaming consoles. But they're getting annoying now. The PSP is coming too...and that's gunan tkae one hell of a chunk of nintendo's market. They're the next I don;t think i'll be buying the X Box 2, purely because Bill Gates is trying to get us to put our lives into and rely on a microsoft computer...yeah Halo was the best game XBox had to offer, and that was a pile of poop in all honesty. Or at least it wasnt at all what it was cracked up to be. Ihave nothing but goo dthings to say about the PS3. I can't wait. Nintendo are gunna eat their 'revolutionary' console, and will see that infact, they've produced something that quite frankly doesnt cut it. Whilst PS3 and XBOX 2 are duking it out like the kings of gaming they are. Dan x

526.1.2005 3:57

So, are the PS3 games gonna be Blu-Ray of HD-DVD? Personally I could care less about the XBOX2, I'm not giving Bill Gates any of my money if I can help it. I agree with Spooky2k about Nintendo being secondary to the market. I do, however, think it's a great system for kids. If I ever have kids, that'll be the only reason I get any Nintendo system. The worst game they'll have is probably Resident Evil, which is nothing compared to the GTA series and The Suffering. So does anyone know what kind of extra stuff these new systems are gonna have?

626.1.2005 7:15

It's really still to early to decide which system will be the best. You can't really decide until they are all available to buy. Also, if it does end up hat Bill Gates delivers us the better of the systems then so be it, better for us, who cares if he gets richer as long as everyone can have a good gaming experience. Whatever one is the best is I will get and probably the 2nd best also just in case. I remember when people once said that N64 was better then the PS1 but it wasn't in my own opinion. Same goes for Xbox compared to PS2, I liked the Xbox better. Anyway, I guess whatever most people will like will sell the best even though it may not be the best.

726.1.2005 8:55

PS3 and XB2 (I thought they are calling it Xenon right now) will have an easy ride to being the leaders. Nintendo has to do the most fighting and impress us all. I feel that lately they have used too much gimick. First there was the gba to gc cable which had to be purchased separately. Then the DS crap. Luckily for them, thats working out for them I feel that it still will once the psp come out. I like Nintendo and I love my SNES. I have an N64 too but it's definatly not the same as the SNES. 3D was the downfall of the gaming industry. (jk lol) ------------------------------------------------------ "Microsoft is obviously a software company first and foremost, while Sony has more experience in hardware. I think Sony will be able to push more into a box at cost." Okay, see how Mr. Armes said "is" after "Microsoft"? Well when refering to a company, one company, you would use is not are. "Sony are offering the Playstation 3 (PS3), Microsoft are offering the XBOX 2 and Nintendo are offering a so-called Revolution console." Yes, are is used again a few times later on. Sorry Dela, but I didn't want you to sound stupid. :) (spooky2k does the same thing - see the influence you have on people)

826.1.2005 10:13

live in my country and speak the way i speak, its understandable, and as long as its understandable, it doesnt matter, thnx! ;-) If was trying to talk about the upcoming release of PS3, then I would say "Sony are releasing the PS3 in xxxxx", its the way it is said here in Ireland and it's the way everyone talks here. I am talking about Sony, which is a company made up of multiple people that cover multiple area's etc so my understanding always found the word "are" in these situations even though yes I know from several Spell Checks that it's not exactly correct. I'm sorry but I wont change that because one person in the entire AfterDawn DB corrected me about it (which you're not supposed to do, unless you are a teacher or something and im your student). If you find a spelling mistake, then point it out and I will be greatful, but that I wont correct unless of course dRD or Ketola ask me to (both of whom are Finnish and often write English that sounds "strange" to me, but I can still make sense of it so there's no point in saying it) :-) Thanks a lot though for pointing it out, if I am ever writing something that requires perfect English (whatever perfect English is these days) , I'll remember that lesson :-)

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 26 Jan 2005 @ 10:22

926.1.2005 13:39

'are' sounds funny, "microsoft are obviously a software company..." rethink that, from what I remember, but I'm not positive, 'is' is the right word to use a company may be built of many people, but it's still A company, singular, and not companies.

1026.1.2005 14:19

ill buy which ever one will be easier or cheaper to mod. although im a ps fan, im positive xbox is going to take this one.

1126.1.2005 14:41

is that true about the xbox2,that you will have to buy a hd-dvd burner to backup games? if so,details please!

1226.1.2005 16:59

yes, it is. The PS3 will use Blu-Ray and the Xbox 2 will use the HD-DVD. I am against the HD-DVD, so I will most likely gat a PS3. I didn't even notice the grammatical errors until that guy pointed them out. It's fine the way you write, it is more understandable than the writing of some people I know. I mean come on people, it was a slight mistake because of differences in language structure. I'm sure if you were writing in Irish or Finnish and your native language was English, then you would have a few problems too.

1326.1.2005 19:48

so what is this hd-dvd then?is it like a majorly expensive component that you wont be able to make backups without?

1426.1.2005 21:22

Seriously though... this inning will make or break Nintendo. Anyone that says Nintendo has no chance of making it either wasnt playing video games ten years ago or is completely blind to any and all business practices. Over the course of history many many many companies have had a bad decade here or there and had a kick in the face. Nintendo is like Xerox, they thought they could do whatever they wanted, charge whatever they wanted, and baisically make software companies do whatever they wanted. Enter Sony, offering rock bottom license fees and easy to make CD technology on PSX. The rest is history but this last round has given Nintendo a sweet uppercut to the jaw. They know now they cannot survive looking like "the kids console" HELLO!!?!?!? The average gamer is like 17-29 at least they are who buys the most games. "The kids console" cannot exist on its own, they have to incorporate big kid games too or they are sunk. My guess is that Nintendo will come out looking cool and trying to appeal to big kids like me (23). Whether it goes over or not is up in the air. What I can tell you is they are obviously holding a secret, (notice how nobody is talking about Nintendo's new technology?) it would be ignorant to think they dont have something up their sleeves. My guess, they are waiting for Sony and Microsoft to get too far into devolpment to try and match what Nintendo has coming. Also, with all the buzz Nintendo has made about "knowing the power of being first" Im pretty sure you will see the New Nintendo hit the shelves first. Of course all of this is my assumption as a student of marketing, and I only make these assumptions out of what Nintendo should do, not what Nintendo WILL do. I'm just saying dont forget them, they have been known to do GREAT things. They are Nintendo. Ludikhris

1527.1.2005 2:15

well...i guess i will start saving now for the xbox 2 and ps3 console(what will that be $600 & up). i know my kids are not going to stop hounding me when those things come out!. besides i'm looking forward on these consoles also. heard that the ps3 will pack alot of updated features and xbox2 too. the nintendo one, if they can make that console go online with a built in adapter. i'll consider it, but don't think i will get it. the only interest there is for the mario party games for my younger son.

1627.1.2005 8:37

i jsut realised, the headline of this article.....D'UH!lol. 'Next generation consoles are coming' - woh!really? you could post that headline whenever you felt like, now, or in 20 years. coulda been a bit more specific is what im saying. :) Dan x

1727.1.2005 8:37

i jsut realised, the headline of this article.....D'UH!lol. 'Next generation consoles are coming' - woh!really? you could post that headline whenever you felt like, now, or in 20 years. coulda been a bit more specific is what im saying. :) Dan x

1827.1.2005 10:01

c'mon guys. don't diss nintendo so much. i love my GBA and my GC. the only reason why i have an xbox was because of the cool things you can do to *cough mod cough* it. as long as nintendo makes mario tennis 3 and call it something like, mario ULTRA tennis, i'll buy the "revolution" or whatever the heck they're gonna call it. in my opinion, games are meant to be fun, not stressful, which is why i like nintendo's simple games (like double dash and mario power tennis). serious games should stick to the PC with mouse and keyboard. hahaha...

1927.1.2005 10:06

your the exact reason nintendo are stil in business. Trust...there are games like that else where...and if you like simple games on nintendo consoles....stick to GBA and try and jutify it beign betetr when ur friends show u their Xbox 2 and/or PS3. You may say 'i thought it'd be better', but cant jsutify it.and for that reason...nintendo will probably end up 3rd in this round, and 2nd in teh PSP/DS sales numbers list. I've always digressed this...nintendo SHOULD do what Sega did..and jsut make games for other consoles. Bigger market, more money, so on so forth. It'd be no sadder to happen to nintendo than it was Sega.They're stil there, but they know when they're beat. Dan x

2027.1.2005 16:13

while we're talking grammar: "your the exact reason nintendo are stil in business" what you really mean is the contraction of "you are", i.e., "you're".. not the possessive pronoun "your". ANYWAY, you say that like it's a bad thing. so what if nintendo has found a niche market and decides to cater to it? nintendo is the only company that has successfully made characters that are funloving (mario and gang). who does sony or sega or MS have? crash takes it up the @$$ from sonic and master chief comes in to kick both their asses for being gay. nintendo just has a different product that caters to different people. yes, you are right. *I* am the reason why nintendo is still around. but there's a LOT of me in the world.. i buy GC games that are all mario games.. not only does nintendo successfully make a character that everyone loves, but they KEEP doing it.. that's what's great. the fact that nintendo could make a successful game like super smash bros TWICE just tells you that nintendo is doing something right. even soul calibur 2... sony put some guy nobody has ever heard of in it, ms used "spawn".. like that really represents ms, and nintendo had someone EVERYONE knew.. good 'ol link. and his voice in that game was so awesome because they were all the old screams he'd use from ocarina of time. if nintendo wants to make simple games with good eyecandy, then don't hate on them. just don't BUY one. you seem to take it personally that some technology is going to come out that doesn't cater to YOU.

2127.1.2005 20:21

really people, theres no reason to bash one video game company just because you as an individual do not like them. that's your opinion, and others have their own. the whole HD-DVD thing: I don't want to support the HD-DVD format, because Blu-Ray is actually an innovation of technology worth having. The HD-DVD format has far less capacity than Blu-Ray, and I don't understand why they always have to battle. I decided a long time ago that I would support Blu-Ray and I simply don't want to give money to the foramt I don't like.

2228.1.2005 8:10

This war is not going to help define the next dvd media any. I mean, really, Sony says, "You can even play BD movies!" and MS says, "You can even play HD-DVD movies!" What's going on here? That's not good at all. It's only going to make things worse. Those two systems alone could have decided which media would win if they both picked the same format, but MS just couldn't wait, could they? Hopefully Sony's installed base has developed a sense of trust throughout the community and people are just going to wait it out until ps3 gets here. I'd imagine when both formats come out, they're not going to be cheap, and they still haven't even been able to phase out vhs yet. Blu-Ray all the way!

2329.1.2005 21:27

just read up on that blu ray and gotta say it looks stunning only thing is the HD's of the future will have to be in terrabytes and not gigabytes:)) bring on blu ray

::LivE ForeveR OR DiE TryiN!!::....::DonT FinD US WE WilL FinD YoU::..
ChecK OuT ThE PenguiN GamE AnD PosT YouR HighesT DistancE ON ThE ForuM

2431.1.2005 6:29

<warning: rant> About Nintendo, I don't know why people still have this bad notion that GC is kiddy. What were some Nintendo's biggest products on the GC the last few years? Have any of you who have this idea that GC is kiddy seen RE, RE4? Eternal Darkness? Star Wars: Rogue Leader? Metroid Prime, Echoes? What's suspected to be Nintendo's biggest game on the GC this year? Anyone of you "GC's kiddy" idiologists know? No. Didn't think so. Well, FYI, this is the last year of the GC, and it's going to be a big one for GC owners. Nintendo has listened. </rant> I just hope sony can establish the ps3 well enough to warrant Blu-Ray as the next-gen digital media technology. (Trying to refrain myself from using the abreviation DVD. Stupid DVD.)

251.2.2005 12:04

Yes, I have heard of those games, actually. The Resident Evil games were about as grown-up as they got. Metroid Prime was a game that I did not find entertaining. It seemed too much like an "adventure game" and not an action game. Adventure games need to be left to the 2-d realm of Gameboy. (I loved playing Metroid Fusion)

262.2.2005 3:38

I don't think Nintendo will die this time around, I reckon they will grab back some of the market they've lost in recent years. I admit they really need to sort out the marketing department. It does have an inferior, kiddy image compared to it's competitors but the Gamecube is actually an incredibly powerful machine, especially for it's size and weight. The gamecube is probably the most underated console ever. Because of the lack of marketing on Nintendos part most PS2 owners probably didn't even look at the cube as an option and have never witnessed the stunning graphics of the Metriod Prime games, F-Zero or this new Resident Evil 4 game which looks visually amazing. They missed out on the lack of support for internet connectivity. The only true online game they made: Sega's Phantasy Star Online is OK but expenisve and trying to use Mario Kart online requires a degree in computer science. They'll have no choice but embrace this technology in this next console. Mario. As much as I love Mario Kart, my all time favourite loving all editions. They need to calm down this whole Mario thing. Mario is a good brand with a lot of fans, but they can't keep rolling out a dozen Mario games a year, Mario Party(s), Mario Sunshine, Mario Tennis, Paper Mario, Mario NBA, Mario tiddlewinks, it just goes on and on and is doing Nintendo no favours. This is not going to win over the PS2 and XBOX gamers as this is all they hear about instead of the other incredible games Nintendo have produced for the Gamecube that also arn't available on the other consoles. This leads me on to the one thing Nintendo have got right, the games. Because of the marketing problem most gamers don't realise the quantity of outstanding games available for the console. This is mostly because Nintendo especially the Gamecube always have the smallest and worst placed sale points in the game shops. There are around surprisingly 300 titles for the Gamecube and a lot less turkeys than what have appear to have just been rolled out by the less talented game developers on the PS2. If you are a keen PS2 or XBOX gamer I think it is a shame you haven't experienced titles such as 'Super Monkey Ball 1+2', 'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker' (phenomenal game), Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (goes without saying), Metroid Prime, F-Zero GX, Resident Evil 4 and innovational games such as Donkey Konga etc etc. Plus it supports many games that the other consoles have such as the EA catalogue including FIFA which I don't think people realise either. I just think people need telling more about what is available. So Nintendo, sort the marketing out, keep the quality of games high and keep testing the innovations out and you'll be fine.

274.2.2005 10:49

i just wonder when are "they" going to release the true "next-gen" consoles. Virtual reality. Stick a cable to your brain (matrix style) and boom, you are inside the game. Hopefully i'll get to see the true future of gaming.

284.2.2005 10:54

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the revolution about Nintendo's revolution console. Well maybe not plugging into your brain but it's about time one fo them revived the whole virtual reality thing now technolgy has come up to scratch. Compared to when they first virtual reality first came out and failed dismally because the technology hadn't really got there yet.

294.2.2005 14:12

I don't think it's gotten quite there yet. I mean, you're either talking goggles, a 3d tv, or a cable crammed into the back of your head. The first one's uncomfortable. Nobody likes wearing them, and it hasn't really gone anywhere, even in the arcade market, since its inception year and years ago. A 3d tv's just way too expensive for the end user right now, and a cable crammed into the back of your head, well, sounds... very uncomfortable. I don't think I'm willing to take that sort of jump just for gaming. I'm a bit attached to the way my body is now; just too many risks. Now, unless they have something else up their sleeve...

307.2.2005 23:11

I'm all for Blu-Ray. Earlier I said that I didn't really go for graphics, but keeping in mind of the PS3's cell processor and how much space you can hold on one Blu-Ray disc, I can only imagine what the graphics will look like. I DO hope Namco will make another installment to the Ace Combat series for the PS3, and another Way of The Samurai (bam!, Capcom) would be awesome too.

Yes, my favorite fighter jet is the SU family of jets.

Samurai86, a.k.a. Ofnir1

319.2.2005 8:21

do you guys remember in star trek TNG, when there was that puzzle game that everybody was playing that was really addictive, and it shot a little laser into your eyes and gave you some endorphins when you beat a level? THAT would be a cool "next-gen console".. minus the addictive drug qualities of course.

329.2.2005 20:59

I read that Xbox 2 is suppose to come out late 2005!:)


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