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Windows Media DRM10 Cracked?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Feb 2005 5:06 User comments (19)

Windows Media DRM10 Cracked? There is a rumour circulating that Windows Media DRM10 has been cracked. We found the following on a blog, but are not sure if the rumour is true or not just yet...
So, the "word" is that a popular internet magazine in Japan has posted information on how to crack the protected files. It appears that you still need a license for the content to start with, that's kind of a big thing. I'm sure there will be more information about this later.

The software has the file names of "DrmDbg.exe" and "DRM2WMV". DrmDbg.exe is supposed to get the KID and the Seed from memory when a DRM-enabled file is being decrypted/played. That spits out a .key file and DRM2WMV is supposed to take that .key and unprotect the WMV. This would leave you with a WMV file that is entirely unprotected and playable in anything that supports WMV playback.

While this may seem like it's great for fair-use and all, many content owners are upset with the matter. Microsoft has not commented on the issue publicly yet.

I also found this while searching some groups....

After all I got no response from MSFT... :-(

As far as I survey at this time some popular DRM Protected Video
Providers's contents were cracked...
Many many unlocked video files were distributiong with no payment...

And 17:00(GMT+9:00) anonymous cracker named 'lark' upload source
code of 'DRM crack software'
Software name is "DrmDbg.exe" and "DRM2WMV".

DrmDbg.exe will pick up "KID" and "Seed" from PC's memory when user
playback DRM Protected contents , and make "xxxxx.key" file.
DRM2WMV will unlock ProtectedFile using "xxxxx.key".

Now many many users are downloading it ...access counter is increasing....
It is the worst situation...


Now I stopped all DRM Server.
I have to save my customer's contents from crackers!!

DRM10 was already cracked whther I set Individualzation Version from '2.2'
to '2.4'.

I was disappointed at MICROSOFT .


Now we can just sit back and wait for real proof of this.

Chris Lanier's Blog
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19 user comments

11.2.2005 10:05

Windows Media SUXXX.....period

21.2.2005 11:53

I have never used the WMV codec. EVER. I also make a point to not download anything in the .wmv format. I hate it that much.

31.2.2005 12:04

or, lol, you could jst convert from wmv to summit else? i know the qwuality sux, but c'mon, mp3 sux anyway, so its jsut the lesser of two evils. microsoft suck.....i cant believe how they got to big yet suck so bad. hmmmm. Dan x

41.2.2005 13:12

MP3 does not "suck." It has become highly commercialized, I'll admit, but it does definitely not suck. I used MP3 for a long time, convinced I was going to have to in order to play it in a portable device. I had always dreamt of using OGG. Until I found this interesting little device: I just now saw this, and I am convinced that I need it for videos in particular. This: is what you need for music. Too bad its not public yet...but as soon as it is, I'll need one of those too.

51.2.2005 23:08

Windows Media Video could use some real work but it doesnt *suck* for smaller clips, and while mp3 is good it *does* *suck* next to WMA - big time anyway thats my 2c cya all

62.2.2005 9:51

Chris Lanier's blog is not credible. He posts misleading and profoundly inaccurrate facts about this topic. The fact is MSDRM 10 has not been cracked or boken into. He is just misleading using old news stories about DRM 7 & 9 to support his misleading content. cheers, AAK

74.2.2005 10:07

If Windows Media DRM10 has been cracked, where is this web site that has the two files needed for cracking. Anyone know where to download these files?????

86.2.2005 17:23


97.2.2005 8:35

airline, no asking for cracks as per forum rules

107.2.2005 9:52

Who is asking for a crack. You are all getting yourself in a stew talking about something the parent web site has announced has fact. The files have been named by the website as if they know what they are talking about. It seems to me that the credibility of the whole site is at risk simply by re-transmitting this information as fact when for all anyone knows it may be pure fiction invented by someone in AfterDawn trying to make a name for theirselves. I think it is about time they substantiated the article.

117.2.2005 11:16

Ouch, that comment is a risky one. If you don't know, Dela submitted this article. If you also don't know, Dela is a moderator at AD, therefore he has no reason to "make a name for himself." This kind of talk can get you banned. AfterDawn just collects relevant news from other websites and makes a convergence right here for its own community's sake. AfterDawn is not responsible if what the article says turns out to be false.

127.2.2005 11:35

@ airline If all your going to do is badmouth other members and our articles then I suggest you keep your pie hole shut.

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137.2.2005 16:15

Everything microsoft touches seems second-tier, look at their new search engine!

147.2.2005 16:25

some things is good but others are baaaaad! was on tv last night doing a compareson between google & new search engine & used bill gates as an example & new search engine failed miserably compared to google

1512.7.2005 15:50

i have the software but i cant get it to work lol

1626.12.2005 15:13

Well said Airline, I also hate it when asking a pertenant question in forums such as this only to have a moderator try to belittle a member when the subject has been addressed. Good God, thats why these forums are here right? So that we can all learn together so please lets all keep our cool and not try to outdo each other. Once again, good on you Airline. Oh yeah, merry Christmas...

1819.7.2006 23:36

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1920.7.2006 10:04

drmripper, Advertising isn't allowed in the forums. If you wish to purchase ad space we'd be happy to oblige you here,

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My killer sig came courtesy of bb "El Jefe" mayo.
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"And there we saw the giants, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight" - Numbers 13:33

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