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MP3Tunes: A DRM-less music store

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Feb 2005 13:02 User comments (3)

Lindows founder and former CEO, Michael Robertson, is going to announce a new, DRM-less online music store next week called MP3tunes. The advantages of a music store selling DRM free MP3 files include the customers not having to download special music players to play the format and also have no restrictions on copying the files or burning them to CD etc... But could such a music store actually work? The major record labels would seem the most unlikely to license their music to a service that uses no DRM protection on their files.
Robertson is also no stranger to legal troubles, being the founder of and recently involved in a legal mess with Microsoft over the "Lindows" operating system. He accuses the other major online music services such as iTunes, Napster and Sony Connect or attempting to push consumers away from the MP3 format and toward proprietary systems, which force consumers to only use certain music players to play the files. While a DRM free online music store does sound more appealing than iTunes or Napster, it will be interesting to see if the service can build a big enough database of music to compete.

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3 user comments

12.2.2005 13:20

if this works, i might start buying music again, as long as the prices aren't ridiculous.

22.2.2005 14:13

i dont know about the other music services, but when i downloaded them via, it wouldnt play on my mp3 player, but i burnt them to a cd, and re-ripped them to my computer thru WMP.... it removed the drm and then it played on my mp3 player. tell me if this works with other sites

32.2.2005 14:28

That will always work if the software will let you burn an anudio CD (Audio-CDs are made-up of DRM-less PCM tracks). I can vouch for iTunes!

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