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Microsoft employees love the iPod!

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Feb 2005 15:39 User comments (16)

Microsoft employees love the iPod! Microsoft and Apple may be head to head in many different areas including operating systems and their online music services. However, it appears that an estimated 80% of Microsoft employees who own a portable music player, own an iPod. The sight of people walking past with the Apple white headphones on is increasing, especially on Microsoft's leafy corporate campus in Redmond, Washington. "About 80 percent of Microsoft employees who have a portable music player have an iPod," said an anonymous high-level manager. "It's pretty staggering."
So popular is the iPod, executives are increasingly sending out memos frowning on its use. And why does this all seem so strange? Well, because several companies that produce portable music players use Microsoft software including Creative Technology, Rio and Sony and it's WMA audio format is used by several major online music download stores including Napster, Musicmatch and Wal-Mart. Apple's iPod has 65% of the portable player market, and its online iTunes Music Store has 70% of online music sales.

"These guys are really quite scared," said the source of Microsoft's management. "It shows how their backs are against the wall.... Even though it's Microsoft, no one is interested in what we have to offer, even our own employees." Aw poor Microsoft. You spend so long on top of the market I bet it feel's horrible to be beaten in even just one area? Better luck next time eh?


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16 user comments

12.2.2005 16:16

I wonder if Bill Gates owns one... hmmm...

22.2.2005 16:34

I hate Apple and IPod with a passion, but c'mon Microsoft, thats why we live in America...the freedom to choose a portable music player. Even if its a crappy one.

32.2.2005 16:40

That's just awesome! That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

42.2.2005 16:56

screw apple microsoft needs to make there own,,, id buy it :)

52.2.2005 17:26

Bill must be pissed as hell.

62.2.2005 17:27

apple and MS need someone else to compete with. another major player in all their fields would do wonders for competition, and in turn price and quality.

72.2.2005 17:30


82.2.2005 17:34

i'd like to see linux music players and prebuilt computers come out. that would be quite entertaining, but i doubt it would take. correct me if i'm wrong, this isn't quite my area.

92.2.2005 17:37

I hear ya, the day that pre-built linux computers are made is long off, but maybe not that far. After all, that crappy OS X for mac was based on Unix. A linux mp3 player would be sweet though.

102.2.2005 17:43

hehehe...say it with me: "stability." sounds good, doesn't it?

112.2.2005 19:08

sta-bi-li-wait...sta-bi-li-...oh f*ck this.

123.2.2005 14:36

Anybody else see that "Microsoft Memo" in the new Wired magazine? It's a ficticious memo from Linus Torvalds to Bill Gates, about future plans, now that Windows is basically a GUI over Linux, and the whole thing is open source. Too bad it's just a dream... imagine if the amazing talent that goes into cracking encryption protocols was also out there improving Windows.

1326.2.2005 21:12

Mac osx is more stable than windows and has loads more programs(all nix* with source will work) also OSx is based on Freebsd not unix

1427.2.2005 17:00

couldn't disagree with you more. win2000 is by far the most stable over XP or any mac OS. And how can you say there are more programs for mac than PC? Thats like saying my ford pinto can beat your ferarri. 95% of all software made is for PC, or both. But no way there's more mac software available than PC.

"I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive" - Albert Einstein

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1527.2.2005 17:45

like i said most if not all unix(linux) progs work under mac.

1627.2.2005 17:50

gotcha. that *nix didn't make sense till now. still, theres not a ton of linux apps either

"I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive" - Albert Einstein

For the best quality mp3s use EAC (exact audio copy) to rip your audio CDs and LAME to encode them. Follow this guide:

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