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Microsoft & Macrovision team up

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Feb 2005 5:45 User comments (5)

Microsoft & Macrovision team up Software giant Microsoft has teamed up with Macrovision to make their media protection systems work together to keep restriction on content transfered from one device to another. In short, this means that restrictions will remain even if a downloaded protected file was recorded over an analog connection. Another example would be a movie protected by Macrovision technology would remain protected when transfeed to a computer that uses Microsoft technology. The deal was announced yesterday and is aimed at making movie studios a little bit more comfortable licensing their content to online download services, on-demand movie services and other venues.
These restrictions do not only prevent any copying of the movies, but they also can impose limits on how they are used, such as a time limit on the playback of the file. Although it's main purpose is to prevent copying, the companies claim that the technology will allow consumers to transfer their protected content from device to device while still keeping the restrictions imposed by the content owners. Macrovision specialise in protecting movies stores on DVD's and VHS whereas Microsoft's DRM technology protects digital content on personal computers and related devices. No financial terms were disclosed at this time but Macrovision apparently has licensed some of its patented technology to Microsoft for their use and for use by software developers who build programs to run on Microsoft's Windows operating system.


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5 user comments

13.2.2005 6:16

Here we go, and let the competition begin! First to crack gets a hat and a balloon.

23.2.2005 6:28

lol.. yeah it may take someone like a whole hour to break it :0

33.2.2005 12:09

haha thats funny

43.2.2005 21:25

better watch those windoze update security patches. millions ain't enough they want billions.

56.2.2005 17:24

Like before, most DVD ripping programs can demacrovision the content, and DRM has just been cracked, so don't count on this partnership lasting.

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