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Pioneer PRV-9200 DVD recorder

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 08 Feb 2005 8:45 User comments (4)

Pioneer PRV-9200 DVD recorder The new personal video recorder by Pioneer boasts features. Hefty 160 gigabyte HDD and high speed copying make it a tempting device. PVRs are still a bit pricey, but clearly it can be seen that the prices are going down and the features up. However the fundamental problem is that, re-compression of the video material affects the quality, and quite a few customers were disappointed to find that out in the 1st generation DVD-R/PVR devices.
Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. announced today the availability of the PRV-9200 professional DVD recorder. Boasting a 160-gigabyte built-in hard disk drive (HDD) and 48X high-speed copying, the PRV-9200 offers speedy, simplified and convenient creation of compliant DVD-Video discs without the need for a computer or authoring software. This professional DVD recorder is available for recording and playback in NTSC and PAL standards for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1,025.
"When archiving video content to DVD, the PRV-9200 can quickly copy files directly from the hard drive without any loss of video quality, drastically reducing recording times, saving valuable time and money," said Linda Toleno, vice president for Industrial Video and Mass Storage at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "Unique features such as high-speed copying, combined with ease-of-use and the targeted price point of the PRV-9200 make it a natural extension of Pioneer's powerful line of professional DVD Recorders," she added.Source:

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4 user comments

18.2.2005 8:54

1000 bucks!!!!! one

28.2.2005 12:37

Might as well buy a new XP Media Center for that money. Or two Toshiba DVR's with Tivo and built in dvd writers, and network them between the two rooms, then Tivo to go them on your pc.

39.2.2005 1:26

Ahhh to hell with it all! What happened to the good'ol BETA. :)

412.2.2005 1:12

I pretty sure that ammounts to three words... Please be more careful next time. : )

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