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Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 01 Mar 2005 7:59 User comments (1) adds an emotional twist to movie searching Human emotions can be categorized to eight basic emotions. The takes advantage of these basic emotions, and categorizes movies based on their emotional attributes. The search engine allows to search for movies based on an emotional or segment profiles set by the user.
For the end user, the MovieProfiler is just like any other Internet search engine, but the criterions for the searches are different. The user feeds the emotional values, describing what expectations one has for a movie: terror, anger, sorrow, joy, disgust, acceptance, anticipation, and surprise ( Link to basic emotions info) As a result, the user will see a list movies that match the emotional profile one has specified.

The searches can also be performed by a segment profile, which is a more practical approach. In the segment profile search one specifies characteristics of a movie: romance, "chick flick", "guy movie", "buddy film", tempo, targeted age group or whether the movie is suitable entertainment in hangover.

User interaction is a big part of Registered users can add movies to the database, review & comment movies or discuss at the message board. As an additional feature, users can maintain their own personal Watch List for keeping track of movies. All of the services are provided free of charge for registered users.

The is launched for the public on the 1st of March.

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12.3.2005 22:15

After few searches, I have to say that the idea works quite well. Some results are inaccurate, or even funny, but seems to be due to limited data in the database. Definitely a service to keep on eye on. You can also see IMDB and ratings at the same time.

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