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Verbatim 16x DVD-R (MCC03RG20) reviewed

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 02 Mar 2005 6:07 User comments (6)

Verbatim 16x DVD-R (MCC03RG20) reviewed We have recently covered DVD-R (or +R) quality related topics, and the latest review by adds up to it quite nicely.
Verbatim is one of the most famous media manufacturers, which have always been delivering top quality from their plants. Verbatim is the brand of Mitsubishi Chemicals, the famous inventor of the metallized azo dye used on optical media.

The CDR-Zone used five different drives for the tests: Pioneer DVR-108, Philips DVDR1640, NEC ND-3520 and 3500 AG, and a LiteON SOHW-1653S. Burned at the maximum speed of 16x, the error rates seemd to be quite good, if not excellent, on the Pioneer and the NECs. On the Philips and LiteON we can see slightly higher error curves, but they are not alarming and still easily within the specs. At least in the LiteON's case, this seems like an issue of the drive or firmware, since the 1653 model hasn't performed too well in high speed recording tests.
The MCC030RG20 dye code used for the Verbatim 16x DVD-R branded media seems to be carrying on the tradition that Mitsibushi Chemicals have established when supplying Verbatim with their media. We encountered no bad or fatal recordings on any of the used review recording devices.
Read the review and see the graphs at:

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6 user comments

12.3.2005 12:33

Thats what I like to hear :D

22.3.2005 17:12

What we all have been waiting for

317.3.2005 15:09

My Toshiba SD-R5272 burner refuses to even reqognize these disks. Verbatim told me by e-mail that they don't/will not work with Toshiba's engineers. My Toshiba has worked with every other disk (DVD+R, DVD-R) that I have tried, even earlier Verbatim disks work well.

411.2.2008 22:53

How odd I got the that same 'Verbatim' Manufacturer ID of MCC 03RG20 on 100 of the worst stack of Coasters I've ever had from Best Buy's generic Dynex brand of 16x +R Blank DVDs I picked up for $10 measly bucks just before Christmas....

Just bought a stack of 100 16x +R Blank Verbatims at Office Max labeled MCC004 for 20 bucks....

511.2.2008 22:58

2 March 2005 6:07 by Lasse "" Penttinen | 4 comments

Kinda like real old news eh?

612.2.2008 11:46


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