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Cinequest, a P2P movie fest

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Mar 2005 21:37 User comments (4)

The 15th annual Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, is an independent film festival with a digital twist. There is an impressive line-up of nearly 200 films, most of which are available to download via the festival's website. DVD quality downloads are available for viewing online powered by a video-sharing system from Kontiki. It has many similarities to BitTorrent; files are shared in chunks (swarming) amongst peers.
The files are in Windows Media Video format, and are copy protected, which kind of leaves Mac users out of the fun. Halfdan Hussey, the festival's executive director and co-founder, said the Kontiki-powered system will be available to Mac users by next year. "The internet will be a staging device for direct delivery of indie movies to a user's desktop or home entertainment center," Hussey said. "My prediction is it will bring new revenue to independent filmmakers and distributors outside of the realm of Hollywood within the next two to four years."


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4 user comments

13.3.2005 21:49

Funny, wonder how long it will take people to crack that :D

24.3.2005 0:20

microsoft makes media player for os x. i believe it can handle protected content (not sure since i dont use protected content or media player on my pb, instead i have vlc and mplayer osx)

34.3.2005 9:42

It's taken a long time to crack so far, otherwise I'd have a huge collection of movies from movielink.

44.3.2005 18:40

Why did they use DRM on independent films? I thought the independent filmmakers were cooler than that...

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