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GTA: San Andreas adverts restricted

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Mar 2005 19:54 User comments (6)

GTA: San Andreas adverts restricted Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is known to be one of the most violent games on the market currently. What makes San Andreas stand out is that it's made to be very life-like, unlike other violent games that may have you battling Aliens on some distant planet or something. It's because of this sort-of realistic look that GTA: SA has fallen victim to criticism. Now the UKs Advertising Standards Authority has decided to impose restrictions on when the TV adverts for the game are broadcasted in the UK.
From now on you will only see adverts for this game on UK TV after 9PM as the Advertising Standards Authority believes that advertisements for such a product that is designed for Adult use should not be seen by children due to the nature of the game. The ASA also said it understands any parents concerns with the advertisements for this game around any form of daytime programming.

"We could understand the parents concerns that it was inappropriate for young children to see this level of violence in advertising for a product which was only available to adults." a spokesman for the ASA said. "The advertising was shown in breaks around programmes which, although not designed specifically for children, were considered to be acceptable family viewing."

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6 user comments

13.3.2005 20:14

lol, isn't that when all the teens are up? The ones that are dumb and would interperate the game by going on rampages?

23.3.2005 20:40

yeah it is and the fact is most people have san andreas or have vice city which is almost as violent.

312.3.2005 10:09

I argee

49.7.2005 14:42

yeh thatz really intelligent of the UK government...round of applause eh?...after all, we ALL know that kids NEVER watch TV after fact, they always make sure to switch it off at 8:59...right...

51.12.2005 6:31

Haha. You know, it's all a question of maturity. There are people like myself who can enjoy games which are thought of as being adult's games without going out and putting what we've seen into practice! -Mike

631.7.2010 9:10

You don't need the violence among kids - this world is cooked enough!

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