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Intel wants high-court to protect file sharing

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Mar 2005 17:43 User comments (12)

Intel wants high-court to protect file sharing Intel has joined the growing support for P2P technology just weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the MGM vs. Grokster case. Some of the most influential computer scientists and intellectual property experts have also voiced their opinions on the case, in support for P2P technology to be allowed to prosper and not stopped because some Internet users use it for copyright infringement. Lower court decisions found StreamCast was not liable for any copyright infringing performed by users of Grokster.
The reason why P2P companies believe they are entitled to this protection is because 20 years ago, Hollywood and technology clashed over the Video Cassette Recorder. Sony Corp. vs. Universal City Studios came to the conclusion that Sony could not be held responsible for any pirating done with its hardware because it had many legitimate purposes. So this time around Hollywood want the Supreme Court not to rule on the significant "non-infringing" purposes, but on what it claims is the software’s main purpose.

Hollywood studios claim that P2P companies rely on mass copyright infringement to stay in business. P2P software usually comes with some form of advertising, which generates revenue for the P2P Company. Intel, whose own growth mirrors the rise of the digital age, told the court the entertainment industry is seeking to rewrite the rules that are the building blocks of the information economy. "Here's the core problem, not just for Intel, but all the companies that innovate around Intel's products," said James M. Burger, a Washington attorney who prepared Intel's brief. "How do you know what your product is going to be used for out of the box?"


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12 user comments

13.3.2005 18:18

This almost makes me want to support intel by buying a p4 chip. Keyword:almost. But it's good to see that some big companies care about p2p and the overall development of technology.

23.3.2005 18:37

Yeah it is good to see that some companies still have their heads on straight. The whole argument to get rid of p2p is flawed to begin with. It's like saying "hey lets sue and get rid of telephone companies since people plot crimes with each other over the phone." It's just flawed reasoning to begin with. It's easy to see how the MPAA and the rest of them are still going with this argument though. If i was an attorney for the MPAA, for sure i would keep telling them that they stand a chance in hell of winning. And get NICE and rich fighting the losing case for them.

33.3.2005 20:35

Go intel! im glad i have three Intel pentium 4 machines!

44.3.2005 2:20

Banning P2P technology would almost be like banning central processing unit´s because some people use them to develop computer-viruses and send spam... well almost.

54.3.2005 8:20

64.3.2005 8:39

Way to Go Taz! I like it!

74.3.2005 9:21

having the suport of the larger companies will insure that the consept of the p2p is not branded an outlawed peice of technology . the ones who will use it for pirating will find something else to use if all of thease get shut down but what about us the consumer who colaberates on a progect who wants others to improve their work think of linux for example if the source code wasnt shared where would we all be .... with microsoft thats where and then we would be forced to comply by one of their updates fixes or patches like they call them why dont we all just load up XP and leave the driving to "Bill" and then let him take it if we screw up.....

817.3.2005 14:56

Using the RIAA and MPAA logic, General Motors can be hauled into court because one of their cars was used as a get-away vehicle after someone committed a crime...Drove the criminals to the crime scene also. Micrsoft should be taken to court because most of the P2P activity used a Microsoft powered machine. Maybe Dell, Hewlett Packard and a host of other computer builders should be dragged into court too. I wonder if the MPAA and RIAA will have to repay all the CD and DVD taxes that are collected in their name..

918.3.2005 2:43

The car analogy is pretty good.

1030.3.2005 20:47

Hey Taz - i was wondering if i could put your logo on my website?

1131.3.2005 4:19

please PM me the URL. Just incase you dont know how, you can send a private message to me by clicking on the face-and-green-arrow icon to the right of my post. Ta

1231.3.2005 8:35

Using the RIAA and MPAA logic, General Motors can be hauled into court because one of their cars was used as a get-away vehicle after someone committed a crime...Drove the criminals to the crime scene also.
That's happening. Most of the large firearms manufacturers have had to endure ridiculous lawsuit after lawsuit by morons claiming that the manufacturers are responsible for the crimes that idiots commit with the guns. Thanks to all the f'ing lawyers personal responsibility is a dying concept.

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