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DVD media error rate scanning on NECs!

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 03 Mar 2005 10:23 User comments (3)

DVD media error rate scanning on NECs! Recordable media error rate scanning is valuable tool for determining the quality of the recorded media. It is the most convenient way (but not the most accurate) for the end users to evaluate the quality of their purchases, and assists in avoiding bad buys. You can see examples of error rate analysis here, where Kprobe software was used in our article.
But this feature has not been available for all DVD-R drives so far. LiteON is propably the first to have such features, and recently it has been possibly to perform on many other major brands as well, including Pioneer and BenQ.

But now Erik Deppe, the author of CDSpeed, bring the error rate scanning support on the NEC drives, models 3500 and newer. This is great news, since NEC is making very good drives at affordable prices, so they have a large customer base. Now with NEC customers also being able to analyze their discs, loads more media quality information can be expected to popup on the Internet.

Read the announcement at: CDFreaks forum

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3 user comments

13.3.2005 13:58

amen and thank the lord ! my prayers have been answered

23.3.2005 15:10

I wonder if this can be done as a firmware update?

33.3.2005 17:05

great news indeed, though I wish they would have given a date for this update.

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