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Original Rambo on the Sony PSP

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 07 Mar 2005 8:45 User comments (9)

Original Rambo on the Sony PSP A list of 12 movies to be released on the UMD format has been released by the film studio Lions Gate entertainment. The list includes recent blockbusters like Spider-man 2, but also some old school classics like Rambo: First Blood.
The Punisher and House of the Dead along with older titles such as Total Recall and Rambo: First Blood, will be in the UMD format, with disks costing between $20 (10.40) to $30 (15.60) for new titles and $10 (5.20) to $20 for older films.
The capacity of an UMD disc is about 1.8GB, being only a portion of the capacity of a dual layer DVD. This means that very efficient compression must be applied for the video. On the limited size screen of the PSP this is hardly a problem, but it seems like the UMD copy of the movie will not be of archival quality.

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9 user comments

17.3.2005 10:27

$20 (10.40) to $30 (15.60) for new titles and $10 (5.20) to $20 for older films. they might not sell well if they are more than a dvd but...we'll see :)

27.3.2005 12:22

Actually the first Rambo movie wasn't called Rambo, it was called First Blood. And then the sequal was called Rambo: First Blood Part II. And then I'm called a loser for caring enough to set the record straight...

37.3.2005 17:12

The average dvd first issued goes on sale $16.00 retails for $19.99-$28.95 dollars umd's will sale for the same price it more sense back up the movie from a dvd to memory stick and watch it from there

47.3.2005 20:59

will you ever be able to copy these disc?

57.3.2005 23:24

who cares?

68.3.2005 4:30

I have seen a working jap import PSP at the local game shop,graphicaly for gaming great, but I don't think I could watch any film for nearly 2hrs. ( .)(. ) ^

78.3.2005 8:49

i'm getting a psp for the games... i don't think a want to watch a movie in such a small screen though... i like my big screen tv with surround sound for movies.

88.3.2005 22:25

this movie feature will be great for plane trips and such where I dont feel like luggin my laptop about. Also, Sony PSP supports dobly digital 7.1 :) ( so I've read....)

921.3.2005 2:46

one problem with movie playback on a PSP is it will be region locked, cheaper film's and earlier release dates for region 1,hopefully you may be able to get blank UMD disc's in the future and load your own movie files onto them...

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