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Swedish ISP raids met with backlash

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Mar 2005 12:48 User comments (3)

Swedish ISP raids met with backlash Bahnhof, a Swedish ISP was raided on March 10th by Swedish authorities; an action that has been praised by Hollywood who say its at a major blow against movie piracy. However, questions are now arising about the legality of the raid as data involving thousands of users was seized. This may violate Swedish data privacy laws. Four servers were seized, containing 23TB of data. On these servers were approximately 1,800 movies, 5,000 software files and 450,000 audio files.
The Motion Picture Association of America was delighted with the raids. A spokesman said Bahnhof was a "haven for high-level internet piracy for years" and home of "some of the biggest and fastest servers in Europe". Bahnhof has been quick to defend itself from such accusations saying it does not condone in piracy and suspended two staffers, suspected of hosting vast quantities on warez on its systems without management permission.

Bahnof released a statement expressing their concerns about the data seizures which could have involved data from as many as 20,000 users. The raid against Bahnhof is not the first anti-piracy bust in the country but it's reportedly the first to take place without any advance notice.

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3 user comments

114.3.2005 17:03

Too bad the movie and music industry just don't get it, they can sue all the downloaders they want and raid all the isp's they want, but in the end people will always find a way to get movies and music. I for one don't really give a damn about how much money they are losing, greedy bastards.

214.3.2005 17:42

Well well, knowing the MPAA's luck (hahaha, money won't help the bastards here) they will come to a fork in the road, one side, a "winning side" will make it so they get to keep the data and sue a few people. On the other, a legal cliff, they will go full speed ahead in their (insert car/truck/whatever of choice here) off the edge of the cliff. This, in reality will make it so Bahnhof gets to keep the servers and not a single person will be sued. But, due to the MPAA's B.S., ILLEGAL, ways of doing raids/lawsuits etc. they will end up winning. The cycle will NEVER end. Just my two cents, peace, Pop Smith

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"The only people who should buy Monster cable are people who light cigars with Benjamins." - Gizmodo

315.3.2005 0:00

counter sue :) [and eat up some of the money that loser from loki torrents gave them!!!!!]

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