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Apple angry over iPod Shuffle Clone

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Mar 2005 0:14 User comments (17)

Apple angry over iPod Shuffle Clone Apple representatives at CeBIT Friday were forced to ask Taiwanese company LuxPro to remove a digital music player from its display case. The "Super Shuffle" digital audio player looks almost identical to Apple's iPod Shuffle at first glance. The main differences between the two devices are the Super Shuffle does not support Apple's AAC format and also has its own FM tuner, which the iPod Shuffle doesn't. The player does support Windows Media Audio with Digital Rights Management.
Apple representatives would not comment on what action the company will decide to take, as this does appear to be a case of copyright infringements on its design work. As we all know, Apple has been quick to launch lawsuits in the past against companies it accused of stealing it's design ideas and also has won. Some press reports indicate Apple is weighing it's legal options in this case.

The Super Shuffle was removed from display on Friday after complaints by Apple's lawyers but apparently it was back on full display by the next day. German technology site Heise Online described a discussion between an Apple product manager and the company representatives that did not end with any mutual agreement. Apparently, even the advertising done for the product looked a lot like those used by Apple.


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17 user comments

115.3.2005 2:07

Is there any pics of this "Super Shuffle"?

315.3.2005 7:27

heh no wonder apple are peeved! After looking at luxpro's site it looks identicle and with part of its name called "Shuffle".... well i got to say i think apple will win if it were to go through the courts.

415.3.2005 9:53

I think its pretty funny. Currently the iPod is in a market of its own, with massive storage, sleek design and largest offering of accessories. All someone had to do was make a similar product, and charge a little less for it - to compete with the iPod. The fact that someone made an identical product and named it almost the same thing, says a lot about the personal electronics industry right now. For example,when you go to buy a TV right now, there are so many options available, the decision is difficult. Same with speakers, home audio, car audio, cellphones, palm pilots and so on. There isn't many other markets in electronics right now where one company is so far ahead of the competition like Apple is with their iPods. My 2 cents.

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515.3.2005 13:49

oh boo fucking hoo. who gives a crap. what apple needs to do is admit that someone released something that has more features then their version. i dont see how they could take legal action. do you hear fruit loops (kellogs) taking legal action when right beside it at walmart there is the off brand that has an identical name, and its cheaper? NO i hope apple gets screwed. by the way, apple did not invent the flash player, they merely degraded it and took the screen off of it.

615.3.2005 14:27

woah!someones got issues!haha. WEll, like it or not punx777, luxpro are screwed.If you tihkn its right for them to do that, then why dont you design summit that's the market leader, i'll copy it exaclty, and add 'super' into the name, then watch as you eat your own words. Lux. Pro. Are. Screwed. See.A.Therapist. Dan x

715.3.2005 15:16

Surely in this day and age a company is not going to pull a stunt like this without having thier arse covered and all the models went back on display the next day. But I am totally with punx777 I hope corporate nazis like apple and suchlike get ripped off.If I made a new design then I wouldn't be charging the same price and you would get more for your money. So I suppose their would be no reason for someone to copy my idea then eh!!

815.3.2005 18:22 Ok, if you look there, they say it is "Shuffle + FM Tuner + Voice Recorder" This means that all they did was add an FM Tuner and Voice Recorder to the IPod shuffle. Maybe they should submit the design to apple and get some $ off there good idea :D

915.3.2005 18:56

"do you hear fruit loops (kellogs) taking legal action when right beside it at walmart there is the off brand that has an identical name, and its cheaper? NO" what about apple jacks? ;)

1016.3.2005 4:12

sorry, but if you think apple wont be able to sue the arse off this compnay, your just stupid. Its a blatent rip-off attempt. And i bet these luxpro p[roducts fall apart anyway. GOod luck to apple i say! Dan x

1116.3.2005 10:11

what i wonder is if Luxpro is trying to rape me in price like Apple is. Plus the supre shuffle is also USB.

1216.3.2005 11:41

Well....Apple is doing SOMETHING behind consumers backs...LOL!

1316.3.2005 12:11

my business teacher told me that microsoft is going to make their own line of hdd mp3 players? heard anything about it? well, if they do i am definitly buying one because it will be 5 times better then apples version.

1416.3.2005 12:36

It will probably have lots of bugs ;) You can't really patch an MP3 player for bugs (well, I guess you can update the firmware.)

1516.3.2005 12:37

Yeah I have heard of it, all it is is a personal player... Trust isn't all that from what I read from the reviews... If I can locate the article again, I will put it up on this thread.

1616.3.2005 12:54

punx777: oh, hahaha. your a microsoft supporter. Yeah, it wont be bette than apples mp3 player. PUrely because apples stuff jsut works and windows stuff just....tries to be difficult before it does. Anyway, thas a diff subject(apple Did you really not presume that microsoft were not gunna bring out their own hdd players before ur business teacher told you?maybe you shoudl think abotu a different course...hmmmmm. Dan x

1716.3.2005 16:02

Ipod is overrated anyway. We need the competition then maybe we get a little less goughing. I should say everybody but me cause I have never bought anything apple or microsoft, sold a few ipods on ebay though.

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