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Lars Ulrich steps in to save Beatallica

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Mar 2005 10:54 User comments (7)

Lars Ulrich steps in to save Beatallica Ok, so you all know Lars Ulrich right? Some of you may know him simply as Metallica's drummer, and some of you might know him as the man who called you a thief when you downloaded a Metallica song from Napster, or both. Whether you like him or not, Lars has done something quite amazing for music by standing up for Beatallica in their dispute with Sony Music. AfterDawn reported that Sony accused Beatallica of violating copyright laws and demanded that the webbmaster pay an unspecified amount of damages.
Lars stepped into the whole mess voluntarily and because of him Beatallica may soon be back online. He asked Metallica's longtime attorney Peter Paterno to try and defuse the situation with Sony on behalf of the band. Sony is now indicating that it may agree to just drop the case, if they even had a proper case in the first place. Ulrich says he believes that cover bands, mash-ups, and the right to re-interpret art on the internet are things worth fighting for.

Lars getting involved is probably known by many of you already but I just found this news article and yes I was shocked. It was a good thing to do for music and perhaps it will show major record labels that their artists don't always agree with the way they handle music. The attack on Beatallica should have never happened in the first place and lets hope that friendly negotiations that are currently in place between Beatallica and Sony go well.


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7 user comments

116.3.2005 11:15

That is great to hear.

It was a good thing to do for music and perhaps it will show major record labels that their artists don't always agree with the way they handle music.
I can definately agree with that, and it is a VERY good thing...hope the trend keeps up. Speaking of which...there was a great article I read about this, but a little different, and will put it out there for everyone to read.

216.3.2005 14:27

Of course he stepped in, that's more money in his pocket in the end.

316.3.2005 14:36

way to make some good Karma, Lars

416.3.2005 22:37

I don't think that Lars is doing this just for the money, afterall, Metallica has been 100% behind Beatallica from the start of the band. This is a nice thing to do from Lars and I hope that Beatallica will get a change to delight us all with new _parody_songs. FUCK SONY! SUPPORT BEATALLICA!

517.3.2005 14:31

Watch for Beatallicas upcomming special DVD! Only availible for free download! :)

617.3.2005 14:51

Only availible for free download! :)
HA! HA! He said suits the article and this thread.

718.3.2005 0:32

Beatallica has been allowed to continue their song distribution by Lars´s help. FUCK SONY! Support Beatallica! EDIT: Wrong url

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