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TDK starts selling Blu-ray 23.3GB media

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 19 Apr 2005 11:11 User comments (13)

TDK starts selling Blu-ray 23.3GB media While the DVD Double Layer media prices remain sky high and whether we want it or not, the next generation of optical recording is coming our way. Traditional recording media provider TDK at the bleeding edge of recording technology, and has todayd released it's Blu-ray disc TDK Professional Disc (PD-RE23CN).
The TDK Professional Disc, which uses a blue-violet laser with a short wavelength for recording and playback, boasts a capacity of 23.3GB – approximately five times that of DVD media – as well as a rapid transfer rate of 72Mbps. Thanks to its random data access capability and other features available only from optical disc media, it can be expected to find growing acceptance in broadcasting applications.
... Due to the high-density recording required by the Professional Disc System, adherence of any dust on, or scratches to the disc surface can have a serious impact on recording and playback accuracy. By utilizing TDK’s DURABIS PRO, a hard coating technology developed for professional-use discs, TDK’s Professional Disc offers extremely high durability and recording reliability.
By use of a blue-violet laser with an extremely short 405nm wavelength, a large recording capacity of 23.3GB – about five times that of a DVD disc – is realized on a disc of the same size. In addition, high-sensitivity phase change materials and an optimized layer structure allows for a high-speed transfer rate of 72Mbps (144Mbps with two optical heads) with stabilized recording and playback.
Source: TDK

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13 user comments

119.4.2005 11:18

Let the ball roll : )

219.4.2005 12:30

What's the retail price?

319.4.2005 12:54

I Think last time i read up on these discs they were around $26 each (2700¥)

419.4.2005 12:57

ok, call me an "enduser" but whats the point for a 23gig disk? so I could back up my whole HD on it, but other than that, does it serve a purpose for the home user?

519.4.2005 13:34

It will hold a purpose is perhaps 5-8 years when it is the standard format.

619.4.2005 13:42

to me it almost seems like a pissing contest.. for the moment anyway.. eventually i'm sure we will look back at dvd5 and dvd9's the way we look at floppy's and the such.

719.4.2005 13:43

Ummm.. They aren't even selling burners yet are they?

819.4.2005 13:43

so im guessing you would need a new type of reader, as a DVD palyer wouldn't support it

919.4.2005 14:09

The most obvious purpose of these discs to me (besides the raking in of $, of course) would be for true high-definition video content. DVDs do boast very nice quality when compared with VHS, but still don't quite stand up to high-definition standards. Of course, for computer users who have tons of data to back up or transfer, five Blu-ray discs might be a little more convinient than, say, 25 DVDs. Hey, when CD burners and Zip discs first came out people thought - "How in the world will we ever use that much space; what's the point?" I can still see use for discs with far more capacity that Blu-ray discs though. Just imagine what it would be like to have an uncompressed full-length high-definition movie on one disc. That could easily take up a good 1.5 terabytes or so. We always find a way to suck up more resources.

1019.4.2005 15:12

Where can I get a blue ray burner or even a blue ray player?

I AM #1 or not I don't really care

1120.4.2005 1:27

BD-ROMS and BD-R/BD-RW Drives are being talked about for PC's which we may see the first ones by the end of the year. As for stand alone home recorders which are available in japan i think.. At about $4000... somthing like that.....

1220.4.2005 10:23

Is Blue Ray going to be the thing or HDDVD? does anyone know where this is treading? I read that X-BOX is going to be HDDVD and that PS3 was going to be Blue ray is this true?

I AM #1 or not I don't really care

137.5.2005 5:15

The Blue Ray DVD will allow you to use less compression than that needed for a standard 4.7 Gig DVD so it'll give superb picture reproduction

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