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P2PUnite's Entertainment Industry boycott begins tomorrow

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Apr 2005 16:13 User comments (14)

P2PUnite's Entertainment Industry boycott begins tomorrow If you haven't already read about this, set out a week in April to get as many people not to buy entertainment goods or provide the major entertainment companies with any revenue as a warning from us consumers. "As of late the MPAA's and RIAA's of the world are claiming that we are denying them their justly earned money and are trying to find ways to put an end to this supposed loss through litigation. It would seem that their scare tactics have been fruitful as they keep getting settlements out of court and probably generate even more profit from these activities." the site reads.
It also makes a pretty good reason besides fighting piracy for the lawsuits we hear so much about. "The aim of their campaign, of course, is not to target and eradicate file sharing as much as it is an attempt to control the market and dictate where and on what our hard earned money is spent." P2PUnite says. "The wealthiest, nowadays, decide what we listen to and watch using staggering public relations campaigns; most releases are "format" productions where talent, passion and creativity come after profits and greed."

The site also has a nice stab at the recording industries claims of lost revenue to their artists. "How many get sick to their stomachs while hearing about revenue losses after viewing an episode of 'Cribs' on MTV? The production companies have the audacity to say that we are using people's creativity and talent, without paying for it. Well, guess what? Most P2P users actually do buy the products they like!" the site claims. "To prove this, we call out to all that have shared a file, downloaded something online or think that prices are outrageous; Let us send a message to the entertainment industry leadership."

The site however does not wish to be confused as telling people to pirate stuff for a week instead of buying it. They believe the power lies with the consumer and consumers are being pushed around by the entertainment industry for too long through ridiculous pricing and lawsuits targeted at consumers. "The last week in April 2005 - 24th up until and including 30th - show them how much money we are spending on their products by denying them our hard earned income. Do not go to the movies; do not buy any entertainment products during that week." the site adds.

While it is a neat idea, I don't see how one week of a boycott will make much difference to the media companies, unless an awful lot of people do in fact take part. Maybe this should have been targeted at a week where there are huge music releases or movie releases taking place? And maybe it should be for a longer period of time. Whether you wish to take part or not is your own choice however, it all comes down to the consumers and whether you feel mistreated and whether you are willing or not to take action to change it. Also, if it fails, there's always another time I guess!

P2PNet (covered story quite well)

Thanks goes to AlienTiger, who originally submitted this story months ago using the News Submission form.

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14 user comments

122.4.2005 18:32

If it had been targeted at a time when there was a big release, fewer people probably would've participated.

222.4.2005 18:35

No my point is that if there was a big movie coming into theatres and the boycott was then, people could put it off for the week before they go to see it. The problem is there are really no major movie releases right now or anything like that, so the people who are participating probably wouldn't have spent money on entertainment anyway!

322.4.2005 19:20

Hmmm, good point, but all the same, if the boycott had fallen on the week of May 19th, I don't think I could've held off from going to see Star Wars episode three. I know, I'm a traitorous pig. :D

422.4.2005 19:39

/me sharpely eyes Dela, took ya long enough, I submitted this story to be posted a few months ago now, hehe :P

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522.4.2005 20:44

nonoitall, ye I see your point :-) well it'll be an experiment anyway right? :-) AlanTiger, my appologies but I have only been receiving the submissions directly to me for the past few weeks, until then, it was the admins got them only, but i still dited and gave u credit ;-)

622.4.2005 20:52

haha NP i dont care for the credit, i just found it funny is all :P, glad its getting out there really :P but if you really want to give me credit could you use my real screename AlienTiger ;)

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722.4.2005 21:01


822.4.2005 22:33

Good. This boycott will hold on my part. I hope as many people as possible would participate in this, so we could really send a message.

922.4.2005 22:42

Tell all your friends and tell them to tell all their friends - that's what I call peer-to-peer. :)

1023.4.2005 6:09

Does imported stuff from Japan and Korea count? I know it's not MPAA or RIAA, but Japan is RIAJ and they are asses for winning that case in Japan against P2P companies.

1123.4.2005 10:53

Can you wait a week to buy it?

1227.4.2005 8:44

That's the only thing both those industries understand M-O-N-E-Y. Hit them in their wallets and they'll take notice!

1317.4.2009 9:02

Yes! I've been pushing for this for ages - boycott the media industries! We don't need to be entertained every waking moment of our lives. We don't need to watch tv, movies, listen to music, play games every second. Get outside and teach the industry a lesson!

1417.4.2009 19:11

You're only about three years too late... (Not that you can't boycott them now for the heck of it.)

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