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European PSP release moved to September

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2005 8:08 User comments (13)

European PSP release moved to September After months of speculation and uncertainty, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has finally announced the official release dater of the Playstation Portable console in Europe. Gamers will be able to get their hands on the device from September 1st for €249 (£179 in UK) which will get them a value pack. The value pack contains the PSP, carry-case, earphones with remote control, a 32MB MemoryStick, power adaptor, wrist-strap, a game sample disc and a battery pack.
Also SCEE announced that early buyers who register their console on will be able to claim a free copy of Spiderman 2 in UMD format but the number available was not given. This new release date comes five months after Sony first expected to release the console in Europe. The date was first put back when Sony had to make sure they had enough devices made to cover the U.S. market.

The delay will be a big disappointment to European gamers but at least now they have a date and know exactly how long they must wait to get a new PSP, which is a lot easier to deal with than the uncertainty of the past few months. It is also beneficial to Sony as more people would be inclined to buy a PSP in September than they would be in any of the summer months.

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13 user comments

126.4.2005 8:49

Wow cant wait for another over priced thing in the uk.

226.4.2005 9:37

Wow sucks for them that they have to wait so long. The price was expected though since everything is jacked up there.

326.4.2005 10:14

Can u guys update that psp pic cus it's not the real one. And how much does the psp cost in the u.s.

426.4.2005 12:17

ozzy1 - ye ill update the pic at some stage, the problem is, u wudnt imagine the amount of pics we have for news :-) so we spend more time adding new ones than replacing old ones!

526.4.2005 12:38

now, that better?

626.4.2005 13:24

Thanks dela i appreciate it. Your great a fellow irishmen i think to?

726.4.2005 13:25

Tipperary yes :-) Yourself?

827.4.2005 0:51

Do you know you can import a Japanese version for cheaper than they will retail and get it this week.... and all the games and vid's will work as well. We are pretty much thirdworld when it comes to movie, game and technical releases it's start to take the preverbial mickey out of us.

927.4.2005 4:40

Yeah I was wondering about that. If you can wait, wouldn´t it make sense to wait awhile and then buy a PSP from Japan or the USA when prices have dropped? Region free, no?

1027.4.2005 7:39

that sucks sony mite aswell shit on europe they allways give us the products last :(

1128.4.2005 5:35

good for europe, it just gives you more time to save up for the damn thing. PSP is $250 American, which is way too much. Not to mention games cost almost as much as ps2 games.

1229.4.2005 1:50

Currently at the exchange rate that makes the US psp around £130 they are tacking on a 40% increase just because we are in the UK/europe (and you can pick up a imported one for £135). How can they justify that?

1329.4.2005 1:53

man that sucks. Dont get me wrong, it is an awesome machine, but soooooooo good it justifies the price. not only the games alot, but the psp movies cost almost as much as a dvd!

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