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Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2005 12:12 User comments (6)

Small changes at Yesterday we finished one of the last pieces in our server puzzle by transferring our main site,, to our new server cluster. Previously we've already moved most of our other sites, including our discussion forums, to this new server setup.
The new cluster has already proven to be much more reliable and faster than the previous system we used. Obviously transferring such a huge and complex site as ours involves inevitable bugs and hiccups, but all of those seem to be sorted by now. However, we wish that our users notify us via our feedback form (found under "About us" tab) if they find any weird problems with the site.

-Petteri Pyyny

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6 user comments

126.4.2005 13:26

Hey dRD Everything seems to be running pretty good, execpt for the other day where it was intermittant for the forum side, not the homepage side, but it seems to be running smoooooth now. CJC

227.4.2005 4:41

Browsing the news seems a bit more smooth now. Thanks guys.

327.4.2005 12:30

Thanks for the upgrade! =D

429.4.2005 9:48

Upgrade is working great. Keep it up. Thanks again

529.4.2005 11:25

Yes this is Working great thanks

61.5.2005 7:42

Old or New you have allways had a top notch site The change is working great Thanks to all the staff Batman400

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