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Sony 800 series comes with DVD-R Dual Layer support

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 04 May 2005 9:28 User comments (7)

Sony 800 series comes with DVD-R Dual Layer support Sony has introduced a new series of DVD recorders. The DRX-800A, accompanied by the external DRX-800L (USB2.0/FireWire), represents Sony's latest DVD recording technology. They have the support for the both Dual Layer formats, the DVD R DL and the DVD-R DL. The Sony press release:
Sony Europe's Storage Solutions division has announced the launch of its latest generation of DVD burners. The internal DRU-800A and external DRX-800UL are amongst the first drives to support both DVD R DL and DVD-R DL (dual layer) disc recording, widening the media choice for consumers and ensuring playback compatibility with the majority of DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. With up to 8.5GB capacity per disc, state-of-the-art 16X single and 4X dual layer recording speed and an award-winning software suite, the new Sony 800 Series DVD kits deliver the ultimate DVD recording experience.
The 800 Series DVD burners have inherited the unique styling from their predecessors, with exchangeable white/silver or black front bezels supplied with the internal drives and a highly distinctive external drive design. The new 800 Series DVD burners are among the fastest drives available on the market. They support DVD±R DL recording at 4X speed and boost up to 16X speed with single-layer DVD±R media.

Rewritable DVDs are recorded at 8X (DVD RW) respectively 6X (DVD-RW) and the drives support DVD playback at up to 16X speed. The maximum CD-R/RW speed is 48X/24X (write) and 48X/32X (read). The internal DRU-800A drive has an EIDE (ATAPI) interface which supports Ultra DMA Mode 2, the external DRX-800UL has an i.LINK S400 (IEEE1394/Firewire) and a High-Speed USB2.0 interface for easy connectivity and full performance.
Source: Sony's Press Release

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7 user comments

14.5.2005 9:35

yes, maybe now i can burn my dual layered games for my v4 ps2. hopefully its not more expensive than current dvd+r dl media.

24.5.2005 15:44

this isn't the first burner to be able to handle DVD-R DL, but my question is when they're going to start selling the media? I also own a V4 PS2 and I doubt it will even be able to play DL backups at all, I have a Magic 3.1 chip.

34.5.2005 18:57

y is this a big deal?

44.5.2005 19:45

apparantly Sony seems to think so...

54.5.2005 23:28

unless they don't sell DL media with reasonable prices and wide range of availability , what's the point of releasing new burners? I'll be still sticking to single layers and burners..

65.5.2005 8:58

Face facts DL Burners are going to be the Beta Max of burners only because they never gave us media

75.5.2005 19:01

I'm sure they're just waiting for us to stop buying up DVD5 media like crazy. Those prices just keep getting cheaper and cheaper, we keep buying more and more. I don't mind at all, let them get down to a penny apiece!

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