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See how many people are visiting AfterDawn right now

Written by Jari Ketola @ 13 May 2005 5:36 User comments (16)

See how many people are visiting AfterDawn right now We have re-enabled the online user counter, which shows the number of concurrent users visiting our sites (, forums and The counter is visible at the bottom edge of each page, and at the time of writing is showing a number of 2254.
Just thought that some of you might be interested in this type of "useless" information. I know I am!

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16 user comments

113.5.2005 12:55

Can't seem to find it - but I can be slow sometimes. You sure it's down there?

213.5.2005 13:13

Had small bug in the query, should be fixed now and the correct figure should start showing up within 15mins or so.

313.5.2005 13:53

I can't see it at all. Is it working on everyone elses computer.

413.5.2005 14:03

weazel200 Scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Here's what you'll see: | Forums | | | DVD X Copy Forums | | Advertise on our sites 1999-2005 AfterDawn Ltd. Rules, restrictions and privacy policy. 2503 users online I missed it the first time too.

513.5.2005 14:24

Thanks binkie7 I see it now. I think this is a neat little feature added to the site.

613.5.2005 15:13

I like it also! :)

713.5.2005 16:56

I can't seem to find or see it either....

813.5.2005 16:57

never mind :)

913.5.2005 17:10

Yay, I see it now. :)

1013.5.2005 20:38

1723 other hopeless geeks like me here on a Friday night. I'm married, what's your excuse? /grin That said. Love the feature.

1114.5.2005 7:18

Just glad to seethat I am not the only one who likes to view useless but interesting items.

1215.5.2005 5:29

Some can see it, some can't. I can't. Why is this?

1315.5.2005 5:31

Sorry. one of my friends pointed it out for me.

1415.5.2005 17:48

... How thrilling

1515.5.2005 17:58

@ forktine Welcome to Afterdawn. I agree with you that it is a nice feature for members to view and determine how many other members are on this site as well. Many of us frequent this site to learn and also to share our knowledge as well. I also noticed that this is your very first post on Afterdawn as "forktine". I'm sure with time the more threads you respond to, the more words you'll be able to use as well to express your opinions in the future. :)

1621.5.2005 18:42


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